Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Year!

What are you doing with your extra day this year? Proposing to your boyfriend? Sleeping? I am using the extra day to finish packing! (Maybe while watching this Amy Adams movie :p)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Impromptu Masquerade

Last weekend Tallman and I were invited to a masquerade, at the last minute of course! But I gathered myself and prepared for the challenge :p Basically I bought masks and looked at evening dresses.
Sucess Creations Masks
Sucess Creations Masks
(the website I got these images from wants you to know that their images are copyrighted, but I sited where I got the masks, and now I'm telling you about the copy right... so I'm good...right? I'm not an intellectual property attorney)
I did not buy an evening dress, which is good because we didn't end up going, but if I had I would have wanted one of these:
Arabelle Long Dress- Jcrew
Evie Long Dress- Jcrew
Do you have a formal dress sitting in your closet ready to go in case you get invited to a fancy event? I don't. But now I have masks!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Time Flies, or Blogoversary came and went

So this [very] little blog has been in existence for over a year, and I was so busy last week I didn't even mention it!

I think anniversaries are nice, and a lot has happened in the past year...

I moved.

I graduated from law school.

I met and visited Tallman's parents.

I studied for the bar.

I passed the bar.

I got a job.

And now exactly a year later I'm moving into a new apartment! (Wasn't planning it that way!!)

If I weren't so busy packing I'd probably toast all my dear readers for continuing to read my blog... thank you, without you I would just be rambling to myself :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Almost the Weekend...

Last week Knowledge pinned this... I love really reminds me of me (sans beard) and Parsley (who is a cat)
I hope you all have an amazing weekend cuddling.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Purple Patterned Fabric

Almost an alliteration, but almost never cuts it in alliterations does it?

So per my bed post yesterday I've been thinking about what kind of purple fabric I'd cover a head board in. Obviously not something too girly, Tallman wouldn't stand for it, obviously not something to bright or busy, I want it to be soothing since its a bedroom after all.
These were the selections I came up with (warning there are a lot!)
This first one is just something I like, I realize it isn't purple...
Dwell Studio
Rose Damask Tonal Lavendar (Shabby chic)
Jennifer Paganelli Honey Child Geo Purple
West Indies Chandler Grape
Michael Miller Botanika Mod Lattice Violet
That one is a definite front runner.
Waverly Network Plum
Waverly Luminary Lilac
All these fabrics are courtesy of (which if you're at all interested in fabric I suggest you check out, they've got amazing prices and selection!)

Of course, because of the selection, now I don't know what kind of headboard fabric I want at all!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Super excited to tell you all that we have an apartment!!!!!

We saw it on Saturday, the landlord lives there so they wanted to make sure of us, and today we got the news that we're it! Sure we still need to put down a deposit and sign the lease, but the real hurdle was them choosing... so yay!

I'll take pictures when we move in in March, and do lots of before and after type stuff (empty rooms, then half full, then after I exert my female will on all Tallman's stuff) but here is a little peek of our front door to help you envision how adorable its going to be!

Its two bedrooms, one bath, laundry, dishwasher, dining room, and its close to a 24 hour huge grocery store.

I got so excited today I did a dance at work, turned bright red and went "woooooooooo!" My boss maybe judged me a little, but maybe not, sometimes things are exciting :)

Dreaming about Beds...

I can't help dreaming about beds. I've already shared with you my plans for decorating a bedroom, complete with artistic and non-artistic renderings. I'm now leaning towards a solid gray bed with varying light and charcoal greys and the taupe (beige?) sheets, with a DIY upholstered bedframe in purple.

I've been wanting an upholstered headboard for a while. I think they look really awesome and a headboard is a crucial "grown up" bed feature (feel free to disagree).  I stumbled upon this awesome Ikea hack this weekend that I think is totally doable:

Step one: Buy cheap Ikea Bed Frame:
Rykene Bed Frame $130
Step Two: Buy Particle Board and Re-Inforcing wood, Cut out shape and attach (ok this is a long step)
Check it!
Step Three: attach Ikea Head Board to reinforced particle board.

Step Four, Cover front in batting to give fluffy lovely feel.
Step Five: Cover Headboard with fabric, securing in the back of the headboard with a staple gun.
(Potential step 6: Cover back in batting and fabric for unified look???)
Step 7: Cover Bed Frame around mattress with batting and fabric, and attach head board:
I bet that with the help of a lovely assistant I could do this in a day. A really fun and awesome day!
What do you think? Doable?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

Shoes... a spring wants list

I can't really afford to be buying new shoes right now, but I've been wearing my bean boots every day for the past two months and I've got to tell you that while I love them, I'm getting a little bored.

So I'll share with you my want list for this spring, after I have some more money in my bank, after I move all my things (I don't want to add stuff just to have to move it)
Nike Free 3.0 v3
I don't run, but maybe I would if I had these shoes? They're so bright :)  I like the description on the web page "Barefoot like freedom, Shoe like support" Is that possible? I want it.
Gap Wedge Pump
 I love these, Tallman thinks they're tacky. Tallman can shut up because look at what the Duchess of Cambridge is wearing in this photo!
From pinterest
Are they the exact same? No... But they're pretty darn close! I want them. I must have them.
Cole Haan Air Talia Wedge
 This photo doesn't do the shoes justice. I have a similar pair in black patent leather that I wear nearly every day at work. I want this pair for summer, a little lighter but just as professional, put together, and COMFY!

Then there are sandals... I don't want flip flops, though they do in a pinch... ideally something that slips on but stays on... any suggestions for me to oggle while I dream of spring?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Is it spring yet?

Miss me?

Life update? Tallman and I are still moving in together, and even though the apartment search has been frustrating, I'm pretty excited. I've been insanely busy lately with gatherings, and seeing old friends-it has been kind of awesome.

Work update? Work is good, they give me lots of drafting duties to do which lets me flex my attorney wings and I like that.

Blog update? Yeah, yeah, I'm sorry! I'll get back to regularly scheduled posting this week, I promise... I hope.... maybe :p

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Weekend adventures

What is better on Wednesday than thinking about your weekend adventures? Nothing like being furthest from the weekend than to think about the weekend :)

Last weekend Al and I went on an adventure to the Salvation Army Home Store (I got whiskey/port glasses, 5 for $3.60!), TJ Maxx Home Goods (Al got a trashcan, I got a magnifying mirror), a fabric store (I got a dose of reality, Al got her interior designer on), and Target (where I got orange juice and Al got reminded of why snacks are important).

I took some pictures of our adventures, fun things we found, and evidence of our love of Young House Love and $herdog... which I will now share with you:
We found an amazing Dwell studio-esq fabric chair at TJ Maxx... Sadly we both have enough chairs in our lives and so do not need this one (but how amazing would it be in my gray bedroom?)

How nice would these look together in my bedroom? Very nice I think! But I wanted to wait to buy anything for Tallman's approval (also Al and Tallman talked me into waiting to buy furnishings until I move into my new apartment (Al said that I should wait and see how the lighting was before buying lamps) (Tallman said I should wait so we didn't have so much stuff to move) how did I get so lucky to have such smart friends?). I like the modern gourd ish base of the lamp and the gray trim of the lampshade... Al has a similar lampshade in her home that she DIY'd that I like a LOT.
Finally, the amazing elephant we found at TJ Maxx that Al and I wished we were actually friends with Sherry from Young House Love because then we could have mailed her this awesome white ceramic animal. (if you know anything about Sherry its that she loves ceramic animals) In this picture Al does not know she is in the photo, otherwise she would've smiled and not been asking me a question as I snapped a picture.

We had a really good day! And found so much fun stuff in our travels! I think I really lucked out with my little port glasses for $3.60! What did you do last weekend? Next weekend plans (other than the Superbowl of course!)??