Thursday, February 16, 2012

Purple Patterned Fabric

Almost an alliteration, but almost never cuts it in alliterations does it?

So per my bed post yesterday I've been thinking about what kind of purple fabric I'd cover a head board in. Obviously not something too girly, Tallman wouldn't stand for it, obviously not something to bright or busy, I want it to be soothing since its a bedroom after all.
These were the selections I came up with (warning there are a lot!)
This first one is just something I like, I realize it isn't purple...
Dwell Studio
Rose Damask Tonal Lavendar (Shabby chic)
Jennifer Paganelli Honey Child Geo Purple
West Indies Chandler Grape
Michael Miller Botanika Mod Lattice Violet
That one is a definite front runner.
Waverly Network Plum
Waverly Luminary Lilac
All these fabrics are courtesy of (which if you're at all interested in fabric I suggest you check out, they've got amazing prices and selection!)

Of course, because of the selection, now I don't know what kind of headboard fabric I want at all!

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