Monday, April 30, 2012

Tallman Footware

Tallman did not get those boots I mentioned two weeks ago, which is good because then he and Phill would have the same feet and we might not be able to tell them apart and that would be bad.

He did get these handsome devils:
Cole Haan Colton Casual Wingtop Oxfords
And because he needed non-dorky flip flops I picked him up some of these:
Jcrew Rainbows
WHAAAAAAATTT Jcrew sells rainbows? Yes. You heard it here kiddos! Jcrew sells rainbows, and they are only $2 more expensive than they were selling for on! I think this is very exciting. Probably the most exciting news this blog has ever presented prior to now.

I love Jcrew. They clearly know what looks good, what brands are awesome, and even though they have a hard time making a suiting dress that doesn't make me look like a kangaroo, I think they are the bomb diggity.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lets Get Away

I want to go somewhere... and sit on a beach.... and be giving drinks all day long...
I guess what I'm saying is....

I'd like a vacation.

(All images are from Mr. and Mrs. Smith)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Book Review: Bringing Up Bebe

I do not have children. Let me preface this book review by repeating, I do not have children.

I actually know very few children. Tallman has a nephew who is 2, but in the past 18 months I've seen him a total of 10 days, so I'm not sure it counts. Moving on...

I really enjoyed Bringing Up Bebe. I borrowed it from another childless young woman (though she is a terrific aunt and spends much more time with wee folk than I do), and I am planning on buying myself a copy it is so fantastic.

The French parenting techniques mentioned in this book are both revolutionarily huge (treating a child, even an infant like a person that understands why and how and most importantly your rights and their rights) and so small it might seem insignificant except that its brilliant (The Pause- waiting (even just 30 seconds) to respond to a baby so they learn to self sooth).

There is a lot in this book that compares French and American habits and it really makes Americans look like morons at parenting. Why has America made parenting, something that people have been doing for 200,000 years, into such a fraught pastime whereas France has more working mothers with higher levels of satisfaction as parents, as women and as workers? Why has America made schools feeding children a cause of obesity whereas France has institutionalized good eating and made it work? 

The book makes a good case for raising your children differently than the American norm of les enfant terrible, and child kings. But it also makes a good case against American public policy when it comes to children, though I'm not sure that was the authors intention.

I recommend this book for anyone who ever considers having a child, or being near children. Though if you can figure out a way to gift this book to a current parent without it seeming bitchy or critical, please let me know!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I want some Bling...

Like this beauty:
Tiffany's $75,000
But I suppose I'd settle for this lovely piece:
Tiffany $1,800,000

Though these are more wallet friendly and still gorgeous:
Paolo Costagli $1,250
Gemvara $2,888
Gemvara $2,750
Marie- Helene de Taillac $2,560
Marie-Helene de Taillac $3,090
I want something ridiculous and sparkly.

Monday, April 23, 2012

New Mattress

We got it Saturday.

It is wonderful.

There are no pictures to describe how wonderful it is and taking a picture of my mattress to post is weird.

Just take my word. It is wonderful.

Keratin Treatment Review

I know I've mentioned Keratin Treatments here before... possibly before my first one back in November.
When I had my first one I didn't know what to expect. Would it be as good as the before and after pictures promised?
Axis Studio
Yes. Yes it is. The picture above is a basically what my hair would look like before Keratin if I tried to blow dry it, and then the after is what it looks like when I blow dry it after getting Keratin. Seriously the difference is HUGE, and more than that it takes so much less time to get my hair from completely wet to completely dry. It is the difference between spending an hour blow drying and still having my hair be a little damp versus spending 20 minutes and having it be straight and frizz free and dry.

Tell me that isn't awesome.

Of course such awesomeness does come at a price... obviously its expensive. In the salon it costs $400 plus tip plus shampoo. Which is why the two times now I've had it done I've used groupons (or similar couponing deals). They make it less expensive, but the one I had on Friday set me back $230. OUCH.

Also I have to admit it is highly addictive. Once my hair started to be frizzy and be difficult to dry and straighten I needed my Keratin fix! Luckily it was 6 months later. (they say they last 3-6 months, and I use Keratin shampoo and don't dye my hair or perm it so that makes it last longer too)

It will be interesting to see how long this one lasts, chlorine and salt water aren't good for the longevity of the Keratin treatment and I am a big fan of swimming.

Have any of you had Keratin treatments? Did you love them? Did they last? Did you immediately go get another when your hair started to frizz?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blogger Has a New Layout...

And I hate it.

But like changes on facebook, I'll probably get use to it.


That is all.

Friday, April 20, 2012

I'm excited to see...

The Avengers

Are you?

It was directed by Joss Whedon.
Can't find original owner of picture, lets site Firefly.
Now you're excited... Right?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Do you like these shoes?

I like these shoes. Not for me. For Tallman. (Or little kids. Like on NYC Taught Me...)
JCrew MacAlister Boots
But water + suede are a no go and suede +heat is a no go... so there need to be another pair of shoes for wet weather or warm weather...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Weee little h

Remember how in January I posted about wanting a heart necklace for Valentines day? Well I didn't get it. Instead I had the best dinner ever with Tallman at Meritage over looking Boston Harbor.

But I still want a little gold necklace, and its beginning to occur to me that maybe I should just get it for myself (woooo empowered woman right here!) But getting myself a heart might be weird... but what wouldn't be weird is if I got myself an h.
Maya Brenner Jewelry
Like my ring... but on my neck... right?
Tiffany Alphabet Necklace
But these stupid things are really expensive... I can think of a lot of ways to spend $700... and they are much more practical (computer, shoes, trips to NYC or Montreal)
Alex Woo Jewelry
You can bet your buttons I'll be on the look out for one of these some time soon.... let me know if you see any cute ones!

Monday, April 16, 2012

This Weekend...

1. We bought a mattress

2. We bought a slipcover for the plaid sofa (at Target, it isn't fancy but it makes the couch look so much bigger and cleaner)

3. We went to Ikea and did not fight (though there was an intense discussion, I maintain this was not a fight, I wasn't angry or even mildly frustrated so how could it have been) thus dispelling Liz Lemons notions, though I think it will be Tallman's first and last Ikea trip

4. We assembled an Ikea bed (there was much swearing and raised voices, on the part of Al and I, then Tallman and I.... we worked in shifts, it really spread out the frustration at Ikea directions, parts, and each other)

5. I got my laptop upgraded and polished (apparently it was due a free cover replacement, cool!)

6. I baked a chicken (it was delicious)

7. We discovered that new bed frame + old mattress = incredibly hard, lumpy sleep (don't worry the new mattress arrives on Saturday, then I'll stop complaining... hopefully)

That was my weekend... what did you do?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Once Upon a Mattress..

Tallman and I are in pain.

And are soooooo sleepy.

After months of me complaining about the poor nights sleep I have been getting on Tallman's 10+ year old, lumpy, mattress, Tallman finally has agreed that buying a mattress is a top priority.
For our health.
Our sanity.
The sanity and health of all those who know or have to interact with us.

Because it is uncomfortable we do not sleep well. Because we do not sleep well we toss and turn. Because the mattress is old (and the bed is on wheels) all this tossing and turning wakes the other person up, violently.
Because we are constantly waking up it is hard to get comfortable.

Do you see the problem?

I'm sure coffee makers every where will be sad to know we're going mattress shopping this weekend (after reading many reviews and talking to lots of people who have bought mattresses, we've decided to just go and lie on things and then think about it).

Wish us luck, and cross your fingers that we are well rested enough to make good decisions.

Book Review: Almost French

Before I get to the mattress shopping or the spare room, let me tell you about this book I read: Almost French by Sarah Turnbull.  Its really good! Believe the hype! I had put off reading it for a while despite the lingering feeling I would enjoy it because of a love of French, Paris, Love and ya know stories.

The basic premise is woman meets Frenchman, moves to France, feels out of place, figures it out eventually, and discusses the differences between French and Australian manners and culture along the way.

If you studied French in junior high, had a boyfriend when you studied abroad and had mad fantasies of leaving your homeland behind, or simply like stories about awkward dinner parties. This book is for you!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Miss me?

I've been busy with Easter, dinner parties, learning new board games, back pain, getting my spare room together, and not sleeping.

I apologize. (though I've been told that you won't notice I'm not posting unless I apologize, catch 22 I guess...)

On the bright side, coming soon are pictures of the spare room, and stories of mattress shopping and a trip to IKEA. So much to look forward too.
Now if you'll excuse me I have a date with a hot water bottle (back pain) and a screw driver (making a desk).

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Working on the den...

So remember yesterday, how I said we had bought a desk...
Well here is the desk:
Victor Writing Desk
Tallman wanted a tray for his key board, and I wanted something sturdy that would be with us for a while but was also small enough for the rooms we currently have. I think this will work perfectly in the room and for our needs.

We originally wanted to get a piece of used furniture, but craigslist and the stores we visited over the weekend yielded nothing that was "just right" (because they had no key board drawers) but also nothing that was "close enough", things were too big, too small, too white, clearly we're very picky.

Also, this desk is a little expensive, BUT it is hard wood which is important to us. It also fits our needs very well, and Tallman and I are both people who want things DONE and are more willing to compromise on price than on style or functionality when it comes to getting things done. The Petersiks we are not :(
Where do you make compromises when it comes to getting things done? Or are you the type who is content to let it linger in order to find the perfect thing? if so I salute you, its not something I can do.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Working on the second bedroom...

Every room in our apartment is in finished to livable condition except the back room/den/study/man cave/second bedroom/closet (we're working on a name). It got worse this weekend when Tallman finally finished moving all his odds and ends from his old apartment.

Here is where I'd insert a picture of the maddness but I don't want to expose you to its horrors. Let me just say that there is a LOT of boxes, a chair, a tv and stand, a canvas wardrobe, a bunch of lamps, shoes and etc strewn about. Did I mention this room is 9x10... its not a big room!

So we got on it this weekend, knowing that the first step is to buy a desk and a rug so we can have some place to put Tallman's desktop, my printer, and somewhere to run wires for the sound system Tallman bought for in there (yes he did buy a sound system for the den... have you met my giant? apparently he likes multidimensional sound).

Finding a rug was harder than we thought. We looked at a few local second hand stores for oriental rugs (we have a large one in the living room) but they were really expensive for what they were ($250+ for 4x6 very worn, kinda ugly rugs).

So we went online and checked out Target, Wayfair, and Overstock.
Target had some decent rugs for low prices, but I was looking for something specific I guess because this is what I came up with for options:
Hand Woven Harding Wool Rug
Hand Tufted World Classic Blue Grey Wool Rug
and the one we decided to get was:
Hand Hooked Alexa Moroccan Trellis Rug
Clearly I was working on a trellis theme. The rug we chose is a little darker than I'd like, but its simple and pretty and modern and on style without being something we'll be embarrassed to have in 10 years. Also I like that its something we could use in a variety of rooms based on our current design scheme.

So we're working on the den (I've decided that is its name) the priorities are a desk (wait for it-we already bought one... I'll tell you about it soon) getting the crap cleared out, set up and then we need to figure out seating (I'm trying to push for a pull out love seat so that out of town friends can stay over in style).
Have you bought anything recently and realized after the fact that you had a definite style in mind?

Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy April!

Its hard to believe its April in Boston... its colder now than it was in mid-March! But for me the beginning of April is when spring really starts! So lets get it started!
From Pinterest
 I like spring because it has lamb...
From Pinterest
 mmmmmm lamb... I love lamb..
From Pinterest
And flowers... Specifically tulips... because of their wonderful smell (yes Knowledge, their smell :p)
And Spring dresses...
Dolores Dress
And long days, and cool nights, and the promise of summer without the heat, and the list goes on!

What do you love about Spring?