Monday, April 30, 2012

Tallman Footware

Tallman did not get those boots I mentioned two weeks ago, which is good because then he and Phill would have the same feet and we might not be able to tell them apart and that would be bad.

He did get these handsome devils:
Cole Haan Colton Casual Wingtop Oxfords
And because he needed non-dorky flip flops I picked him up some of these:
Jcrew Rainbows
WHAAAAAAATTT Jcrew sells rainbows? Yes. You heard it here kiddos! Jcrew sells rainbows, and they are only $2 more expensive than they were selling for on! I think this is very exciting. Probably the most exciting news this blog has ever presented prior to now.

I love Jcrew. They clearly know what looks good, what brands are awesome, and even though they have a hard time making a suiting dress that doesn't make me look like a kangaroo, I think they are the bomb diggity.

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