Thursday, March 29, 2012

DC Part 2 Adorable Houses

 I noticed a trend of houses in DC... charcoal painted brink with purple doors... and I LOVED IT...

I love the white trim and details in light gray
I love the white and black trim on this one!
If I ever own a brick house... first step is to paint it charcoal gray! (shhhh don't tell Tallman, chances are he isn't going to approve of this life choice... but look at how handsome these houses are!)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tory Burch Totes...

Patent Robinson Magazine Tote
These totes are adorable.... so I share...
Robinson Tote
Rope Channing Tote

I clearly like the simple lines and clean colors... maybe there is a little too much floral print, neon and bold colors in the spring line up for me? Maybe... but clearly there are things out there to balance all that with!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My weekend in DC...

This weekend I went to DC to visit my friend Knowledge. The weekend consisted of: Walking, Eating, Looking at Flowers, and me NOT throwing up (me and the DC metro are not friends).

This weekend marked the 100th Cherry Blossom Festival but because of our extremely odd, warm winter they had already peaked and the rain was about to wash them away.
ALL PICTURES ARE MY OWN! Unless otherwise noted
There were LOTS of tulips
This picture is the best picture I have and its sideways

Knowledge and I were the only people in DC looking at Cherry Blossoms.

Even though it was gray out, it was still really pretty.


But it also looked like this:
DCist picture-- NOT MINE
A lot of the blossoms fell with the rain, but that was beautiful too... Thanks Knowledge for a weekend of beauty!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Friday!

Love this platter... Can't think of circumstances I could really justify paying $210 for a platter though.
Gardner Street Green Oval Platter
Hope you all have a lovely weekend! I know I shall!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Have you heard of C-Wonder?

I hadn't heard of C-Wonder until very very recently. But I like it. Its very cute and has clothes, shoes, and home goods, etc.

How adorable is this doctors weekend bag? Very.
Doctors Weekender Bag
 They have random home goods as well as normal ones:
Rectangular Hippo Platter
ADORABLE, but slightly not normal I guess...
Board with Mice
This is a lovely pillow cover, simple, and a totally normal home good, nary a random animal in sight. As well as the lovely glass bowl...
Wave Pillow Cover
Blue Tortoise Glass Nut Bowl
 I have plenty of lovely things to put on my wrists, bracelets, watches, bangles, but this one is lovely...
Bug Bangle Bracelet
And cute clothes:
Ikat Dot Crewneck Tee
Follow the links, to check out C-Wonder and its awesome selection of... well... everything!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bright Pants!

I love the current trend of bright skinny pants! I think it looks great on the right people. Unfortunately, I'm not sure I'm the right people.

C-Wonder Stretch Cotton Ankle Pant
So I'll just look at pretty pictures:
Gap 1969 Cropped Legging Jeans
Minnie pant in stretch twill
Toothpick Jean in Garment-Dye Twill
I love this look. Wish I could pull it off for an exciting weekend look, or even better if I could find the right pants to rock at work. Maybe the Minnie in dark purple, with a white button down? I think I could pull it off... but maybe only on a Friday.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

To the map room!

I've always wanted to say that... but ya know... actually have a map room.

I'm working on it too, I got Tallman a map of North Carolina, its a simple silhouette with a heart in the town his family lives (aren't I sweet?).

I'd love to add this to the collection:
School House Electric
In a pretty simple dark wood frame I think this would look awesome as party of my burgeoning gallery wall.

Do you have a map room? What about a burgeoning gallery wall?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Unreasonably Expensive Shoes

We've all seen Sex and the City, we all read fashion magazines, but not all of us can afford the shoes we see there in (I certainly can't!) but they are so pretty, I've seen a number of Manolo Blahniks this week that I am loving... so I share with you (so you can feel my want-but-can't-have pain):
Susa Leather Flat
Swan Embellished Satin Pump
Patent Leather Mary Janes 
I saw green ones in a magazine that I can't find anywhere online, AND some adorable delicate strapy sandals in a light tan that I can't find.
Weird. But then, designer shoes can be pretty weird... Except those second and fourth ones, those are pretty damn normal.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hello, you will be mine

But in which color?
No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Cotton
I have this skirt in wool... so I know it is awesome... I assume the cotton is more wrinkly but just as good.
Marielle Dress in Superfine Cotton
Though if this looks even a little bit as good on me as it does on the mannequin (it won't) this will be my summer wardrobe purchase.

I'm loving the choices!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I've finally gotten on board...

And started reading Hunger Games... You can expect to hear less from me this week... its so good!!!

I wasn't expecting to like it... but I do! So much!

Also, Books on my ipad didn't have this book so I downloaded Kindle for the ipad... its the same damn thing as Books but with more options for what to read... does everyone know about this? Well now you do.

Monday, March 12, 2012

The CATS are IN!

But they aren't happy about it! Yet.

They were fine on the car ride over, we have these mesh cat carriers that feel more like sturdy gym bags than anything else. But what is really great is the cat can sit in your lap, and it feels like lap sitting, not being in a cage (have you met many cats who like being caged in?)
Though, to be fair, I got mine from KMart.
Then they got to the apartment. Parsley wandered around the house meowing up a storm, and Sage hid in a gap in a pile of boxes. Eventually Sage and Parsley both did walk throughs... Sage literally just did the perimeter of the entire apartment... then they both went and hid under the bed. (Maybe it was dark? Maybe it was the room no one was in?)
Sorry about the creepy eyes, I had to use the flash on my iphone
They continued to hide under the bed (with the limited seating change to the above picture) until it was dinner time. When I put there food in the kitchen..... and they decided it was time to explore the basement. Sigh. Clearly this is going to be a slow acclimation process.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy Friday!

Its beginning to feel like spring in Boston... which makes me want to go for a bike ride on this bike:
City Bike

Thanks to Matchbook Magazine for introducing it to me... a couple months ago...
Have a happy and bright and cheerful weekend and I hope it feels like spring where you are!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Martha puts a bird on it at Macy's

I was wandering through Macy's last week... maybe longer ago... and I saw a lovely display of cake plates and domed tops (a definitely happy sight) and then I saw a cute little one with a bird on it... Martha put a bird on it!
Song Medow Figural Bird Collection
How adorable is that cake plate. Its in the background of this photo, but I just think it is adorable.
Cake Stands
Glass Domes and Stands
I need to get me a dome. I have a cake stand. I make a cake this weekend and put it on the stand. But alas, there was no dome and it got a little dry in the refrigerator. The key is getting a dome that fits my stand so I don't buy more kitchen products than I need (I already have more than I need!)
Martha Stewart for Macy's
Doesn't this little tableau on the Macy's site look divine! Sigh. Cake plate lust.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Adventures with Smoke Detectors

In retrospect the landlord's words of "there is no such thing as too sensitive [a smoke detector]" should have sounded ominous.

Sunday I made lamb for a celebratory "We've moved in together" dinner. Which was delicious and though expensive, has served us well for several meals now. But the smoke alarm in the kitchen went off. So I turned off the oven, opened the doors, and windows and turned on the light to see the smoke dissapate.
Except there was no smoke.

So I closed some of the doors, and turned back on the oven and was a little more watchful.... and the smoke alarm went off again. At which point I opened a door, and left it open. Because the door was open the landlord (who lives upstairs) stopped by and when I mentioned that while the lamb smelled delicious there was no smoke she said "yeah that happens, they're sensitive, but there is no such thing as too sensitive" Right?

Monday night at 4am I woke up to the sound of the smoke detector. I've been sleeping pretty lightly lately since its a new house, and I needed to wake Tallman up. So Tallman and I stumbled out to see what was the matter. It was the smoke detector in the spare room. I sniffed about (I have a super human sense of smell, fyi) and I smelled no smoke, no odd odors, nothing. So we went back to bed.
Ten minutes later, it happened again! Tallman didn't take the battery out of the detector, just took it off the ceiling (eye roll)... so he took the battery out and I googled "smoke detector beeping but no smoke" and found that it could be dust, bugs, or simply time to get a new smoke detector.
Or we were about to die from carbon monoxide poisoning... I have ruled this one out though since I seem to be alive still and none of the other smoke detectors have gone off (yet).

I think the plan is to buy a carbon monoxide detector, just in case, and replace the old smoke detector... maybe...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I ordered fabric!

I ordered fabric on Sunday... lets hope we love one of them..
I hope this one is perfect!

But this one might be nice too...
I want it known that Tallman has ok'd both these selections as good potentials for a headboard. I'm not making our bed purple without clearing it first, I swear!

Monday, March 5, 2012

We're IN!!!!

I cannot tell you how excited I am to have a home. :)

Yes, the weekend was long and arduous and full of very little sleep and a few terse words... but its (mostly) done and very homey.

Friday night we made three trips, and got the bed, Tallman's dresser, chairs, and the dining room in, along with a variety of odds and ends.
This is what it looked like after the first night... full of stuff, but less than liveable (though we did spend the first night in the apartment!)
 (funny story: I went to make Tallman eggs Saturday morning for breakfast because I knew we didn't have much else, and I knew he needed food-- and while we did have eggs, butter, a frying pan and a spatula... we did not have plates.. or even more crucially FORKS! or even SPOONS! oops! no eggs for Tallman!)

After Saturday (two trips, once to parents house and got the couch, TV's rug, TV stands, my dresser, more kitchen stuff, and more odds and ends) the house looked much more normal.

This is what it looked like Saturday night, and continues to look like today :p
On Sunday we rested... and by rested I mean moved in our clothes, hung pictures with our favorite interior designer, went on an epic grocery store run, made food, hung out with the comcast guyand generally made things more organized so we could go about our week without going crazy.

That was our weekend, in a nutshell... I'm exhausted... and there is still so much to do! Our bedroom doesn't feel cozy yet, our dining room still has boxes, our second bedroom/closet/mancave is a disaster, and we don't have a colander, I need to slip cover the couch, the bathroom is a riot of beauty products (sorrynotsorry Tallman!) and we're still adjusting to living in a new place... but man is it fun and pretty.
Stay tuned for the fun things we do about the house as we get settled in!

Friday, March 2, 2012

I've got a busy weekend!

Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday are all moving days! Its going to be a very busy weekend!
Lets hope for good weather, no dropped furniture, no big fights (little ones are inevitable, oh you disagree, oh you've never moved), productive trips, no injuries to people, and a Sunday evening with a new house full of stuff :)

Speaking of which, I need to call the gas company, I think we need heat and electricity. On it!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy March!!

Spring is coming! (Not that this winter has been horrible)

Tonight we're getting the keys to our new place!!!!

Tomorrow we start moving in!!!

One of the first things to do (after moving all our stuff into the new place) is to buy gray boxes to conveniently store odds and ends (I'm thinking one for crafts, one for Christmas stuff, one for extra office supplies, one for party decor like fun paper napkins) above our kitchen cabinets. The uniformity of color will make them look like this picture (I hope):
Wall of Boxes
These are the boxes I'm thinking of getting:
Container Store Milano boxes
I checked ikea, martha stewart, and target and couldn't find gray storage boxes anywhere! Do you, loyal readers, have any suggestions??