Thursday, March 8, 2012

Martha puts a bird on it at Macy's

I was wandering through Macy's last week... maybe longer ago... and I saw a lovely display of cake plates and domed tops (a definitely happy sight) and then I saw a cute little one with a bird on it... Martha put a bird on it!
Song Medow Figural Bird Collection
How adorable is that cake plate. Its in the background of this photo, but I just think it is adorable.
Cake Stands
Glass Domes and Stands
I need to get me a dome. I have a cake stand. I make a cake this weekend and put it on the stand. But alas, there was no dome and it got a little dry in the refrigerator. The key is getting a dome that fits my stand so I don't buy more kitchen products than I need (I already have more than I need!)
Martha Stewart for Macy's
Doesn't this little tableau on the Macy's site look divine! Sigh. Cake plate lust.

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