Friday, September 30, 2011

Barnyard Pic of the Week

Happy Friday! 
Happy Weekend!
Happy End of September!
From Pinterest
What a pretty chicken.

Happy Anniversary Tallman!!!

Tallman and I went on our first date a year ago today. 
Our First Date looked nothing like this
 In celebration tonight we're going out to dinner.
We will not be eating on a raft.
 I'm going to wear a pretty dress.
I AM actually going to wear this dress.
He already got his present, but I got him an awesome card for tonight.
I hope we have an excellent time, that the food is good, the service is excellent, and that we celebrate many more anniversaries in the future.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fantasy Houses...Mansions... Castles?

Or I could live somewhere like this. There would be plenty of room and space to make country terrines out of livers of fatted animals in a place like this!
Babington House, Somerset UK
Or this:

Barnsley House, Cotswolds, UK
Ohhh or here:
Ellenborough Park, Cotswolds, UK
I don't want to seem picky, but this would do the trick for a home:
Fawsley Hall, Northamptonshire, UK
Ahhahahahahahhaha, can you imagine?
Ickworth, Suffolk, UK
And I think I'll end with this one:
Lucknam Park, Wiltshire UK
All images are courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and because of that it means you could go visit one of these places. I think the cheapest was about $400 a night. Worth it. Totally worth it.

Random Houses

I'm feeling nest-y today. I want a home with a garden and I want to be baking this terrine (recipe and pictures to follow) there, not at my parents house where I have to plan around when I'm here, and when I'm at Tallman's.
So here are some pictures of houses I like/want.
English Country Cottage
English Country Cottage Style
Victorian Row House
I know this was random. I'm going to get back to making my terrine now.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Boden USA, playing dress up online

I played on Boden today, it was fun. I put together looks using their Outfit Maker tool. (Which is a fun toy, but not really that informative about the clothing since the online model doesn't have my butt.)
Some pieces I really enjoyed from Boden are
Ravello Top in Mercury
I see this looking great under a blue or black suit at court, or perhaps with these velvet pants for the evening in the winter.
Straightleg Velvet Trousers
The velvet trousers also come in gray which I think Knowledge would great in, but I would not be able to rock.
Navy Polka Dot Shift
I enjoy this dress because it looks like something from the 1940s, romantic and simple. And finally there is this top, which seems boring, but it also comes in a red and white stripe and it is really hard to find a good scoop neck shirt.
Essential Short Sleeve Scoop Neck
So go check out Boden, maybe you'll find something you like, maybe you'll just play on their outfit maker. Who knows :p

Hoseanna, heard of it?

Have you guys heard of Hoseanna? I have, more than twice. I thought they sold hosiery, end of story. (and as I mentioned yesterday I have lots of hosiery needs)

Turns out its a monthly hosiery site. What does that mean? It means you order some stuff and they send it to you every month. Now that might be overkill for some things, but not hosiery, I go through those things like water. (Water runs too, I guess that means this analogy makes sense.)

The only thing I didn't like about this site, is that not all the brands have size guides (I guess they're assuming that if you're ordering them monthly you know your size, and I do know my size if the sizes are A, B, C Q, but not if they're anything else.)

Also, it looks like they're expanding into beauty products, and that is something I could get behind being sent to my house monthly (I'm looking at you tampons). But they'll have to expand their range of beauty products further for it to be worth it. And in the end, this doesn't seem as useful to use as amazon and reordering from your order history, but I really like the idea of it.
What do you think?
Do you go through a lot of hose too?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Decidize to Monetize

Up until this point this blog has been ad free. But I'm going to try the small experiment of monetizing with Blogger because my statistics tell me that my traffic is up and consistent and it is possible that more than just my friends read this blog.

On the one hand ad's are annoying. On the other hand most of the blogs, webcomics, sites I read and go to have them.

Also, I'm the poorest. And in trying to maximize my income stream it seems to make sense that I add ad's to my blog. I'll try to keep them as minimal and unobtrusive as possible, but remember if you click on them I get money, and then I can pay my bills. Which are pathetically large for being transportation, bar membership dues, food, haircuts, and hosiery.

So this is part an apology for adding ads, part a plea for you to keep reading my blog despite them, and part heartfelt confession of my own pathetic existence (who knew a person could spend so much on socks, stockings, nylons and tights in a month!)

It should start in the next few days, I just wanted to give you the heads up so you aren't startled.

Whoa how great is this plate?

Seriously... guys... look at this plate.
Crate and Barrel Peony Plate
Isn't it cool? If I had a job I'd buy 20 of these awesome appetizer plates and be the psyched to use them at my next dinner party, soiree, evening event, have people over time.
I like it as an appetizer plate and not as a regular plate because I like my regular plates to be plain, without design, and preferably white. But this would be fun for pie, or some chips and dip.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Ary Trays, unfortunately out of my reach and range

How annoying is it when you find something you really like online and then discover that its only available in England? I have this problem. A few weeks ago a blog I read, and I cannot remember which posted these great trays, and then said oh sorry only available in England.
Also, they're absurdly expensive.
But now I'll share the exquisite torture of not being able to have them with you too.
These are some of my favorites.
Blue Fish Alabasta
Capel Birch Wood and Fabric
Fir Black Chinoiserie by Michael Angove
Macaroons- Martin Wiscombe
Pippi Bakar- Pippi Longstockings
Rosetta Glory - Sam Pickard
Indian Blue- Victoria and Albert Museum
Whistle Jacket-National Gallery (this one is for Al, of course)
Check out the Ary Trays website for more awesome designs, so that the next time you're across the pond you can bring me one home.

Book Review: Night Circus

Sorry about the lack of posting last week, part of it was the internet being bad at my parents house, part of it was a lack of anything to say. But now I'm back with plenty to ramble on about!
Last week I read a book I'm not even going to bother reviewing I felt so meh about. I got through it though and read The Night Circus. Which was excellent.

The Night Circus is not about vampires or werewolves, but there is magic. Lots of magic. The book might actually be just about magic. Or maybe its about love. Are they the same thing? Is the book about whether love and magic are the same thing? Maybe, or maybe its just a really good story about a circus that only takes place at night.

Anyway I really enjoyed this book, although I didn't know what to expect at first and was actually fairly befuddled by how the plot was playing out. But not befuddled in a bad way, just in a "how meta is this book trying to be?' sort of way. This is partially because the book jumps around time wise, but there are dates at the tops of chapters, so that helps.

Other than that I'm not really sure what to say about this book. Its excellent. There is magic. And love. And death. And kittens. And fire. And ice. I highly recommend it.

Sleepy Kitty of the Week

Happy Monday! Weekend is over!
Do you miss the weekend already?
Do you miss the weekend like I miss Sage looking adorable and not pathetic?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Barnyard Pic of the Week

Happy Friday! 
(do you still sing Rebecca Black when you say the word Friday, or is that so six months ago?)
Congratulations on making it to the weekend!
From Pinterest
That is a stable I can support, love the chandelier!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I'm sorry that my posting has been light this week, its not because I've been particularly busy, but it is because the internet at my parent's house has been terrible.

Though apparently not too terrible to watch a bootleg copy of the second season of Downton Abbey. Thanks SLM!

Hopefully I'll have the internet (or is it my computer?) figured out this weekend and posting will return to normal next week.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Candyman Can

I've mentioned before that Tallman is the candy maker in our relationship. Well, that's still true. I tried to spear head an effort to make those Fleur De Sel Caramel Fondant Whirls I posted about last week, and I don't know if you noticed this about that link, but that link is not a recipe. I'm sorry I did not do my research before posting about them, but I promise, no one was as disappointed as I was when I was in the Whole Foods parking lot Friday night trying to find the recipe on my phone so I knew what ingredients I needed. Apparently those pictures are from a blog that goes with a cookbook on how to make candy, and because they're trying to sell their book they have no recipes.
I was mad for a while, then I decided to make salted caramel chocolates and got over it. THEN I looked the cookbook up online and decided that I must have the candy cookbook.

Salted Chocolate Dipped Caramels
First, the story of the salted caramels and why Tallman makes the candy in this relationship, or why a candy thermometer is not the same as a meat thermometer.
So after being fondantly disappointed by the internet and pictures and pinterest Friday night I decided that we should make salted caramels because they're probably not that hard right? I used a recipe I found on my phone in said Whole Foods Parking lot, and the ensuing chocolates are delicious.
In making them I broke a thermometer because it was a meat thermometer and thus not meant to go above 240 degrees, Tallman had a candy thermometer and I misread it thus over cooking the caramel so its not so soft and delicious as it could be (its like if toffee and caramel had a baby, its good if you let it warm up in your mouth a bit before trying to chew it), and they took 4 hours to make.
Of course part of the reason they took so long is that the recipe makes 200 candies, which isn't bad because they are pretty darn good.
Which leads me back to my original statement of Tallman is the candy maker, all the things that went wrong in this candy making endeavor (which did not make them inedible just not amazingly tasty) were things that Tallman pointed out before they went wrong. But Tallman is a good guy and when I disagreed he let me have it my way and I broke the thermometer (it was electric and its last act was a spectacular light display on the monitor), overcooked the caramel, and made too much candy. Sigh, he didn't rub it in too much.
Anyway, I want this book:  Sugar Baby.
Especially once I saw the miraculousness that is a chart that tells you what consistency your candy will be depending on how hot you make it.

This is now on my Amazon List of must buy books before the Beekeeper's Bible, Pioneer Woman Cooks, Domino: The Book of Decorating, and Italian Slow Cooker. (I like cookbooks, ok?)

This was a long blog post but to recap: sorry about no recipe in last weeks blog post, I made candy but Tallman would've made them better, I want Sugar Baby.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pumpkin Party

If I had a pumpkin party there would be:
Pumpkin soup inside a pumpkin,
From Pinterest
Pumpkin votive candles,
From Pinterest
Pumpkin Cake,
From pinterest

Pumpkin Beer,
From pinterest
It would be the best party ever.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Why was 6 afraid of 7?

Because 7 ate 9! If you don't get it chances are you missed third grade. Go ask a third grader to explain this joke, then come back.
Ok, now you're back and I can tell you about 7 Ate 9 Bakery the cheesecake delivery website. What? Yes. Cheesecake. Delivery. Website.

I discovered them yesterday at a farmers market and after bringing home one of their delectable mini cheesecakes for Tallman, I can attest to the fact that these are some mighty good cheesecakes.
And they have lots of interesting flavors, pumpkin, peanut butter, chocolate covered, mini-stuffed cheesecake, red velvet layer cheesecake mmmm yum!

Unfortunately if you do not live near Harvard Square and can go to their farmers market on Sunday, or do not live in this blue decagon, then you will get no cheesecake. Also, you have to be aware of a cheesecake craving 48 hours in advance for it to be delivered.

But seriously people. Cheesecake Delivery Website. Genius. If you live in that blue decagon, go to the website and check them out, you won't be disappointed by their cheesecake, I promise!

Weehah! Yeehah for great stationary!

Ok the title of this post is dorky, lets get past it and talk about Weehah! a card company I found out about last week at SOWA market in Boston. She makes the most adorable cards, and for all the important stuff: Halloween, Passover, Flirtation, etc.

I picked up a card for Tallman for our anniversary, and a card for his nephew's birthday (its got a dinosaur, that kid loves to roar like a dinosaur). The paper is nice and thick and the cards are sweet and simple. No hallmark sappy stupid crap here!
To show you how simple and sweet these cards are I'm posting some of my favorites, but you should really go and order some yourself or find her at a market and pick some up because they are such nice quality and super cute.
For Thanksgiving or Fall
Simple Wedding Card, is there really anything else to say?
Flirty Cards are the best.
If I was sick this card would totally make me feel better.
I hate the verbal tick that is the word "like", but I like this card.
See I told you Weehah!'s cards were cute! Go check them out!

Sleepy Kitty of the Week

You ready to start the week!?

Neither is Parsley.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Barnyard Pic of the Week

Yay its Friday!
Hope you all have a happy weekend!
From Pinterest, and Babies
Maybe some of you recognize this picture, its from the movie Babies. I loved that movie more than is probably normal. Particularly the Mongolian baby and his older brother.

Job Search Update

Ugh, I'm getting as tired of these stupid things as you are.
But part of the reason I blog is to keep note of things, including how my job search is going and how I feel about it, week to week. Well, this week its not really going. I'm still applying to places, but I'm feeling particularly discouraged.
I feel discouraged because I'm not hearing back from places. I don't know if I'm not getting the jobs because they're being given to friends, or if I'm not qualified, or if there were typos in my resume (doubtful). It helps that almost no one I know, from law school, has a job yet, but sometimes that just makes me more discouraged.

The bright line to this process is the volunteering I've been doing. It is keeping me sane to have something to do two half days a week (though it does throw the inactivity of the other days into high relief, bleck). Its also very rewarding because in a short-ish period of time you're helping people with tangible problems that are objectively noble. When I worked at housing court you were trying to keep drug addicts and crazy people from being evicted so they didn't lose their section 8 housing, and there was only so much you could do. But with the current work I'm doing you're helping people get guardianship over kids so they can enroll them in school or put them on their lease. It just feels better helping kids I guess (even the ones who need guardianship prior to a criminal hearing, it is still nice to help).

But yeah, I'm volunteering two days a week, going to trainings offered by the organization I volunteer with (building skillz), and applying to jobs. And yesterday I cleaned my closet! Not job related, I know.

Elizabeth Showers Jewelry

Were you hoping to spend your Friday morning ogling jewelry that is very pretty and very expensive?
If yes, you're in luck! Yesterday I learned about Elizabeth Showers who designs the most gorgeous jewelry.
Part of the problem is that I don't like the silver stuff, only the 18k gold, but what can I say, I've got expensive taste.
Elizabeth Showers Bracelet
But really, can you blame me? It might be $4,000 but this bracelet is gorgeous!
Elizabeth Showers Tree of Life Ring
At $2,345 I will know I've made it when this is my right hand ring. So pretty!
Elizabeth Showers Meg Chandelier Earrings
I die. These earrings are so glamorous. If I ever need to walk a red carpet, or go to a dinner at the White House, or marry a billionare. These earrings are $15,000. But soooooooo pretty.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Halloween Candy

Does anyone else feel that the Halloween decorations and candy in stores is a little premature? No? Hmm just me. Well I guess its better than having Christmas stuff out already, oh, wait, I've seen some in CVS and Macys, ugh.
From Redbook Magazine
Anywhoo, I don't know about you but I like Halloween because I enjoy seeing children in funny outfits (especially babies) and I have a major sweet tooth. Luckily, Redbook Magazine has made a guide for how to navigate Halloween candy without overloading on calories, isn't that nice of them?

What I got from the slide show was: avoid caramel and peanut butter based candy. They're full of calories so you can't scarf down as many.

 Fun Facts I also enjoyed: Candy Corn has no fat (that means I can eat as much as I want... right?), and Starbursts have a ton of fat (where do they put it? I thought they were fruit, damn.)

Go check it out, and be a little wiser about your Halloween pigging out this year.