Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Decidize to Monetize

Up until this point this blog has been ad free. But I'm going to try the small experiment of monetizing with Blogger because my statistics tell me that my traffic is up and consistent and it is possible that more than just my friends read this blog.

On the one hand ad's are annoying. On the other hand most of the blogs, webcomics, sites I read and go to have them.

Also, I'm the poorest. And in trying to maximize my income stream it seems to make sense that I add ad's to my blog. I'll try to keep them as minimal and unobtrusive as possible, but remember if you click on them I get money, and then I can pay my bills. Which are pathetically large for being transportation, bar membership dues, food, haircuts, and hosiery.

So this is part an apology for adding ads, part a plea for you to keep reading my blog despite them, and part heartfelt confession of my own pathetic existence (who knew a person could spend so much on socks, stockings, nylons and tights in a month!)

It should start in the next few days, I just wanted to give you the heads up so you aren't startled.

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