Thursday, September 15, 2011

Halloween Candy

Does anyone else feel that the Halloween decorations and candy in stores is a little premature? No? Hmm just me. Well I guess its better than having Christmas stuff out already, oh, wait, I've seen some in CVS and Macys, ugh.
From Redbook Magazine
Anywhoo, I don't know about you but I like Halloween because I enjoy seeing children in funny outfits (especially babies) and I have a major sweet tooth. Luckily, Redbook Magazine has made a guide for how to navigate Halloween candy without overloading on calories, isn't that nice of them?

What I got from the slide show was: avoid caramel and peanut butter based candy. They're full of calories so you can't scarf down as many.

 Fun Facts I also enjoyed: Candy Corn has no fat (that means I can eat as much as I want... right?), and Starbursts have a ton of fat (where do they put it? I thought they were fruit, damn.)

Go check it out, and be a little wiser about your Halloween pigging out this year.

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