Friday, September 16, 2011

Job Search Update

Ugh, I'm getting as tired of these stupid things as you are.
But part of the reason I blog is to keep note of things, including how my job search is going and how I feel about it, week to week. Well, this week its not really going. I'm still applying to places, but I'm feeling particularly discouraged.
I feel discouraged because I'm not hearing back from places. I don't know if I'm not getting the jobs because they're being given to friends, or if I'm not qualified, or if there were typos in my resume (doubtful). It helps that almost no one I know, from law school, has a job yet, but sometimes that just makes me more discouraged.

The bright line to this process is the volunteering I've been doing. It is keeping me sane to have something to do two half days a week (though it does throw the inactivity of the other days into high relief, bleck). Its also very rewarding because in a short-ish period of time you're helping people with tangible problems that are objectively noble. When I worked at housing court you were trying to keep drug addicts and crazy people from being evicted so they didn't lose their section 8 housing, and there was only so much you could do. But with the current work I'm doing you're helping people get guardianship over kids so they can enroll them in school or put them on their lease. It just feels better helping kids I guess (even the ones who need guardianship prior to a criminal hearing, it is still nice to help).

But yeah, I'm volunteering two days a week, going to trainings offered by the organization I volunteer with (building skillz), and applying to jobs. And yesterday I cleaned my closet! Not job related, I know.

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