Monday, September 19, 2011

Weehah! Yeehah for great stationary!

Ok the title of this post is dorky, lets get past it and talk about Weehah! a card company I found out about last week at SOWA market in Boston. She makes the most adorable cards, and for all the important stuff: Halloween, Passover, Flirtation, etc.

I picked up a card for Tallman for our anniversary, and a card for his nephew's birthday (its got a dinosaur, that kid loves to roar like a dinosaur). The paper is nice and thick and the cards are sweet and simple. No hallmark sappy stupid crap here!
To show you how simple and sweet these cards are I'm posting some of my favorites, but you should really go and order some yourself or find her at a market and pick some up because they are such nice quality and super cute.
For Thanksgiving or Fall
Simple Wedding Card, is there really anything else to say?
Flirty Cards are the best.
If I was sick this card would totally make me feel better.
I hate the verbal tick that is the word "like", but I like this card.
See I told you Weehah!'s cards were cute! Go check them out!

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