Monday, September 26, 2011

Ary Trays, unfortunately out of my reach and range

How annoying is it when you find something you really like online and then discover that its only available in England? I have this problem. A few weeks ago a blog I read, and I cannot remember which posted these great trays, and then said oh sorry only available in England.
Also, they're absurdly expensive.
But now I'll share the exquisite torture of not being able to have them with you too.
These are some of my favorites.
Blue Fish Alabasta
Capel Birch Wood and Fabric
Fir Black Chinoiserie by Michael Angove
Macaroons- Martin Wiscombe
Pippi Bakar- Pippi Longstockings
Rosetta Glory - Sam Pickard
Indian Blue- Victoria and Albert Museum
Whistle Jacket-National Gallery (this one is for Al, of course)
Check out the Ary Trays website for more awesome designs, so that the next time you're across the pond you can bring me one home.

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