Monday, March 12, 2012

The CATS are IN!

But they aren't happy about it! Yet.

They were fine on the car ride over, we have these mesh cat carriers that feel more like sturdy gym bags than anything else. But what is really great is the cat can sit in your lap, and it feels like lap sitting, not being in a cage (have you met many cats who like being caged in?)
Though, to be fair, I got mine from KMart.
Then they got to the apartment. Parsley wandered around the house meowing up a storm, and Sage hid in a gap in a pile of boxes. Eventually Sage and Parsley both did walk throughs... Sage literally just did the perimeter of the entire apartment... then they both went and hid under the bed. (Maybe it was dark? Maybe it was the room no one was in?)
Sorry about the creepy eyes, I had to use the flash on my iphone
They continued to hide under the bed (with the limited seating change to the above picture) until it was dinner time. When I put there food in the kitchen..... and they decided it was time to explore the basement. Sigh. Clearly this is going to be a slow acclimation process.

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