Thursday, March 22, 2012

Have you heard of C-Wonder?

I hadn't heard of C-Wonder until very very recently. But I like it. Its very cute and has clothes, shoes, and home goods, etc.

How adorable is this doctors weekend bag? Very.
Doctors Weekender Bag
 They have random home goods as well as normal ones:
Rectangular Hippo Platter
ADORABLE, but slightly not normal I guess...
Board with Mice
This is a lovely pillow cover, simple, and a totally normal home good, nary a random animal in sight. As well as the lovely glass bowl...
Wave Pillow Cover
Blue Tortoise Glass Nut Bowl
 I have plenty of lovely things to put on my wrists, bracelets, watches, bangles, but this one is lovely...
Bug Bangle Bracelet
And cute clothes:
Ikat Dot Crewneck Tee
Follow the links, to check out C-Wonder and its awesome selection of... well... everything!

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