Monday, April 16, 2012

This Weekend...

1. We bought a mattress

2. We bought a slipcover for the plaid sofa (at Target, it isn't fancy but it makes the couch look so much bigger and cleaner)

3. We went to Ikea and did not fight (though there was an intense discussion, I maintain this was not a fight, I wasn't angry or even mildly frustrated so how could it have been) thus dispelling Liz Lemons notions, though I think it will be Tallman's first and last Ikea trip

4. We assembled an Ikea bed (there was much swearing and raised voices, on the part of Al and I, then Tallman and I.... we worked in shifts, it really spread out the frustration at Ikea directions, parts, and each other)

5. I got my laptop upgraded and polished (apparently it was due a free cover replacement, cool!)

6. I baked a chicken (it was delicious)

7. We discovered that new bed frame + old mattress = incredibly hard, lumpy sleep (don't worry the new mattress arrives on Saturday, then I'll stop complaining... hopefully)

That was my weekend... what did you do?

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