Thursday, April 12, 2012

Once Upon a Mattress..

Tallman and I are in pain.

And are soooooo sleepy.

After months of me complaining about the poor nights sleep I have been getting on Tallman's 10+ year old, lumpy, mattress, Tallman finally has agreed that buying a mattress is a top priority.
For our health.
Our sanity.
The sanity and health of all those who know or have to interact with us.

Because it is uncomfortable we do not sleep well. Because we do not sleep well we toss and turn. Because the mattress is old (and the bed is on wheels) all this tossing and turning wakes the other person up, violently.
Because we are constantly waking up it is hard to get comfortable.

Do you see the problem?

I'm sure coffee makers every where will be sad to know we're going mattress shopping this weekend (after reading many reviews and talking to lots of people who have bought mattresses, we've decided to just go and lie on things and then think about it).

Wish us luck, and cross your fingers that we are well rested enough to make good decisions.

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