Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Working on the den...

So remember yesterday, how I said we had bought a desk...
Well here is the desk:
Victor Writing Desk
Tallman wanted a tray for his key board, and I wanted something sturdy that would be with us for a while but was also small enough for the rooms we currently have. I think this will work perfectly in the room and for our needs.

We originally wanted to get a piece of used furniture, but craigslist and the stores we visited over the weekend yielded nothing that was "just right" (because they had no key board drawers) but also nothing that was "close enough", things were too big, too small, too white, clearly we're very picky.

Also, this desk is a little expensive, BUT it is hard wood which is important to us. It also fits our needs very well, and Tallman and I are both people who want things DONE and are more willing to compromise on price than on style or functionality when it comes to getting things done. The Petersiks we are not :(
Where do you make compromises when it comes to getting things done? Or are you the type who is content to let it linger in order to find the perfect thing? if so I salute you, its not something I can do.

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