Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Working on the second bedroom...

Every room in our apartment is in finished to livable condition except the back room/den/study/man cave/second bedroom/closet (we're working on a name). It got worse this weekend when Tallman finally finished moving all his odds and ends from his old apartment.

Here is where I'd insert a picture of the maddness but I don't want to expose you to its horrors. Let me just say that there is a LOT of boxes, a chair, a tv and stand, a canvas wardrobe, a bunch of lamps, shoes and etc strewn about. Did I mention this room is 9x10... its not a big room!

So we got on it this weekend, knowing that the first step is to buy a desk and a rug so we can have some place to put Tallman's desktop, my printer, and somewhere to run wires for the sound system Tallman bought for in there (yes he did buy a sound system for the den... have you met my giant? apparently he likes multidimensional sound).

Finding a rug was harder than we thought. We looked at a few local second hand stores for oriental rugs (we have a large one in the living room) but they were really expensive for what they were ($250+ for 4x6 very worn, kinda ugly rugs).

So we went online and checked out Target, Wayfair, and Overstock.
Target had some decent rugs for low prices, but I was looking for something specific I guess because this is what I came up with for options:
Hand Woven Harding Wool Rug
Hand Tufted World Classic Blue Grey Wool Rug
and the one we decided to get was:
Hand Hooked Alexa Moroccan Trellis Rug
Clearly I was working on a trellis theme. The rug we chose is a little darker than I'd like, but its simple and pretty and modern and on style without being something we'll be embarrassed to have in 10 years. Also I like that its something we could use in a variety of rooms based on our current design scheme.

So we're working on the den (I've decided that is its name) the priorities are a desk (wait for it-we already bought one... I'll tell you about it soon) getting the crap cleared out, set up and then we need to figure out seating (I'm trying to push for a pull out love seat so that out of town friends can stay over in style).
Have you bought anything recently and realized after the fact that you had a definite style in mind?

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