Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Impromptu Masquerade

Last weekend Tallman and I were invited to a masquerade, at the last minute of course! But I gathered myself and prepared for the challenge :p Basically I bought masks and looked at evening dresses.
Sucess Creations Masks
Sucess Creations Masks
(the website I got these images from wants you to know that their images are copyrighted, but I sited where I got the masks, and now I'm telling you about the copy right... so I'm good...right? I'm not an intellectual property attorney)
I did not buy an evening dress, which is good because we didn't end up going, but if I had I would have wanted one of these:
Arabelle Long Dress- Jcrew
Evie Long Dress- Jcrew
Do you have a formal dress sitting in your closet ready to go in case you get invited to a fancy event? I don't. But now I have masks!

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