Thursday, February 24, 2011


I'm currently in the process of upheaval.

I'm moving.

Possibly in two days, possibly in a month. I won't know until I basically have to be out of the building already.

As I said to a friend of mine yesterday:
I'm moving out. YAY!
It might be this weekend. Sigh.
So much to do! Guh.

What can I say, it sums it up nicely and I like haikus.

So let me explain, I've been living with a high school friend of mine for two and a half years. We moved into this apartment a year and a half ago. This apartment is close to public transportation and bars, that is why it is good. It is bad because it is terrible to heat (expensive and the first floor doesn't heat up), it is dirty (it took two days to clean when we moved in, plus a day for painting from the ugly dirty off white), things break. In the past three weeks I've had to call the rental company three times to fix the water boiler, the heat (they told me it wasn't broken, then later told me that guy lied about how it worked overall, yeah I don't know what that means either), and the running water.

I had been getting pretty fed up by the apartment's dirty-ness and the conversation I had with the plumber was icing on the cake:
plumber: ohhhhhhh looks like you have no water
me: yeah, i'm not a plumber and i figured that out
plumber: its probably a frozen pipe
me: yes, i figured that. what are you going to do to fix it
plumber: ohhhhh this happens sometimes
me: yes, but i can't flush my toilets, this is a public health hazard, what are you going to do?
plumber: i'm going to check in the back to see if someone shut off the water, but it smells like a frozen pipe
SMELLS?!?! What was he, a holistic plumber that did his job via his nose!? Ugh, shortly after this I emailed my roommate and asked how he felt about breaking the lease and moving out. We are lucky in that we both have parents living near by so we CAN move out. The roommate was thrilled because he needs to save money before going to grad school. I'm thrilled because it means I don't need to be hemorrhaging money (currently I'm living on student loans). 

But part of breaking the lease is we have to pay until they can find a new tenant. I said we'd like to be out by either 3/1 or 4/1, and I know some people have come to look at the apartment but I don't know if they've agreed to move in or not yet. 

I just hope I know before Monday.

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