Thursday, February 24, 2011

Super daughter to save the day!

So my dad has a new job that requires a lot of travel. That's nice, but my mom is pretty dependent on him so it can be rough for her. This morning I got a --- no wait I'm telling this story wrong.

I have two cats, Parsley and Sage. They are very cute.

This is them as tiny kittens, they look the same now, just bigger, Sage is on the left, Parsley the right.

So Parsley wakes me up every morning between 5am-7am. She is hungry. I've tried all sorts of things, and I try not to get up to feed her before 6:30am so as not to encourage her. But she is a pest and she will wake me up, either through biting or jumping or meowing or banging at the door (she has also figured out how to open my door). Whatever, this morning she woke me up at 6:30am and I got up and fed the cats, and went back to bed.
Now things have been crazy for my boyfriend lately at work and I haven't seen much of him when he is awake/fully awake. So I got up at 7am this morning and made him some coffee so I'd get some awake time. Turns out he didn't come home until midnight and between that and the cat he got maybe 5 1/2 hours of sleep. So the coffee wasn't cutting it. Oh well, I tried.

While he continued to sleep I thought I'd take care of some business and try back in an hour or so. Yesterday I had an interview, and I like to send thank you notes after, and I wanted this one to get to the people before they made their decision. That means that I needed to go to the post office to mail it. So I told the boyfriend (hereafter known as TallMan... he is tall) that I'd be back and he made a sleepy noise so I went out.

Now, I don't know about you but I have had a cellphone since I was 15 and I like to talk on it when I'm walking places. So I called my Dad (who cares if its 8:20am, he is probably up) who is in Ohio on business. Dad is at breakfast and we chat for a bit about apartment moving and interviews. He leaves to meet a colleague. Two minutes later I get a call, I figure its a realtor calling about showing my apartment. It isn't. Its my mom.

First, my mom and I don't get along super well, I think its a carry over from me being a teenager, Dad thinks its because we're too similar. Also, she is crazy. Second, my mom doesn't have a cellphone, she tries to every so often, but she can't hear people on them, and she never has hers on or plugs it in so its a waste of money. Third, mom can be a bit of a spaz.

My mom is calling from our next door neighbors house. Huh? (My family is of the "good fences make good neighbors" club, except we don't have fences we have lots of trees, which are actually way better than fences). She has locked herself out of her house, and how fast can I be there to let her in.
Let the internet know: my parents house is impenetrable.
I can be there in an hour. So I hop in the car my dad left with me in the city (where I currently live) and drive out to the suburbs to where my parents live and I grew up. This is a trip that can take anywhere from 2 hours in bad traffic to 1/2 an hour. And I think that 50 minutes was pretty darn good for this morning at 8:30am.

While I was making my way out to Suburbia, mom called me twice. Anxious I'm sure to get out of the kitchen of our neighbors, and to get to work. Poor mom. I hate it when my day gets derailed like that. Its a good thing I had my dad's car while he is away on business. If it was parked at the airport my mom might've had to call the police to break into her house and it would've made the newspaper (its a small town) and that would've made her feel even sillier than before.

But I helped mom out. Got her out of a jam. And in pretty good time too, sure I was going against the rush hour traffic, out of the city. But its still pretty good, because I had to get out of the city first. So I let mom into the house, where she retrieved her keys from the kitchen table. Learned that there is no key in the drain spout but there was a dead mouse and that she tried to break the back door window but couldn't. (IMPENETRABLE!)

So that was my morning. Crazy. Got a call a little while later from the TallMan letting me know he'd gotten up, fed the cats and made the bed. Also, that Parsley had been eating some tissues. Great. More on Parsley's digestive track later.

Anyone else out in the blogosphere have a crazy morning they'd like to share?

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