Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stuff, Stuff, and More Stuff

So I'm moving, (maybe tomorrow, maybe in a month) and I need to get rid of some things because I don't want them hanging around/cluttering up the house, either this one or the next one and I REALLY don't want to throw them away. (I see the vacuum sitting in a landfill 2000 years from now, or burning in a fire and only melting a little...)

BUT I don't want to sell them. I'd love the money, but I'm pretty sure these things are so crappy that no one would come out to pay money for them. But if they were free people might like them. Maybe.

I'd heard from younghouselove, a blog that I adore, that Freecycle is a good way to go. Well, turns out I'm more of a craigslist girl. I decided this after getting very confused (you have to apply to the freecycle community where I live, and I linked my google account to a yahoo account and I got all kinds of befuddled). Now I don't know if my google account and is attached to a yahoo account. I have decided to continue with my life plan of never going to yahoo, it has worked well up until today, and today was clearly a blip.

So, I decided to see what craigslist has for "selling" free stuff.
Turns out they have something called "CURB ALTERS" awesome, perfect, splendid. I have a couple electric items so it won't work with the flooding/rainstorm we're going to have tomorrow, but maybe I can grab a tarp or something... Or maybe I'll wait until Saturday.

I'm excited to see how this goes. Maybe I'll make sure that TallMan is home so that I don't get raped by crazy craigslist curb trollers.

I'll keep you posted on the efficacy of this endeavor.

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