Friday, February 25, 2011

Tea for Two

Tea, for two, and two for tea,
Me for you and you for me...

I love sharing a pot of tea with a friend. I also love dressing like its 1935-1950.

All we'd need is:

I spent a semester in London while I was in college, but that has little or nothing to do with my love of tea time. That comes from my Dad, an avid tea drinker, and the adorable china cups my mom had from her great grandmother when I was growing up. They were a little like the one pictured above. 

Can't you just see us, me and a girl friend, wearing gloves, pouring tea, eating scones with clotted cream and jam (ok so the gloves + jam might be a bad idea).

Maybe I just want to be a very fancy 6 year old.


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