Friday, February 25, 2011

It's raining it's pouring....

The title has nothing to do with anything, other than the fact that it is raining.

Update: still don't know whether I'll be moving out this weekend. But to be on the safe side I decided to move things to my parent's house.

Yes, I am 24 and moving back in with my parents. I'm a New York Times cliche.

If things were different I might feel bad about having to move back in with my parents but I don't. I'm finishing law school and will be taking the bar this summer. With the economy and over saturation of the employment market I haven't been able to find a job. I've been looking, applying, and networking and I'm hoping something will happen before the fall. In the mean time I'll be living with my parents to save money.

To do this I am breaking my lease, as mentioned earlier. I don't have a lot of experience with this, despite working in landlord tenant law for a while. But I want to save money and I'm tired of the problems of this apartment (which I will share just as soon as someone has rented it, I don't want to list the problems on the internet before I'm definitely outta here. Am I paranoid? Maybe. Probably.)

Anyway, I want out, and I told them ASAP. But I'm not sure if that means 3/1 or 4/1 and someone is coming to view the apartment tomorrow looking to rent for 3/1. I'm considering erring on the side of caution and leaving before 3/1. But I like the convenience.

Pros of not moving this weekend:
 *chances are good that no one will rent this place until 4/1 and I'll be paying for an empty apartment
*Suburbia is far away from the City and the city has things like friends and TallMan and school and the gym (noooo those aren't in order of importance I SWEAR!)
*I'd have to clean my room at my parents house
 *The TallMan has work on Sunday and I hate to impose on him with my annoying requests to move furniture
*Dad is out of town.

Cons of not moving this weekend:
*finding out on monday that I need to be out by that day and being super rushed (I hate feeling rushed)
*having to live here another month

OK so the Pro list is longer than the Con list, but I feel that the Cons are more weighty.

Please weigh in on what you think I should do. (Seriously.)

In the mean time, I will be going out with the TallMan for dinner and a few delicious cocktails.

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