Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Weekend adventures

What is better on Wednesday than thinking about your weekend adventures? Nothing like being furthest from the weekend than to think about the weekend :)

Last weekend Al and I went on an adventure to the Salvation Army Home Store (I got whiskey/port glasses, 5 for $3.60!), TJ Maxx Home Goods (Al got a trashcan, I got a magnifying mirror), a fabric store (I got a dose of reality, Al got her interior designer on), and Target (where I got orange juice and Al got reminded of why snacks are important).

I took some pictures of our adventures, fun things we found, and evidence of our love of Young House Love and $herdog... which I will now share with you:
We found an amazing Dwell studio-esq fabric chair at TJ Maxx... Sadly we both have enough chairs in our lives and so do not need this one (but how amazing would it be in my gray bedroom?)

How nice would these look together in my bedroom? Very nice I think! But I wanted to wait to buy anything for Tallman's approval (also Al and Tallman talked me into waiting to buy furnishings until I move into my new apartment (Al said that I should wait and see how the lighting was before buying lamps) (Tallman said I should wait so we didn't have so much stuff to move) how did I get so lucky to have such smart friends?). I like the modern gourd ish base of the lamp and the gray trim of the lampshade... Al has a similar lampshade in her home that she DIY'd that I like a LOT.
Finally, the amazing elephant we found at TJ Maxx that Al and I wished we were actually friends with Sherry from Young House Love because then we could have mailed her this awesome white ceramic animal. (if you know anything about Sherry its that she loves ceramic animals) In this picture Al does not know she is in the photo, otherwise she would've smiled and not been asking me a question as I snapped a picture.

We had a really good day! And found so much fun stuff in our travels! I think I really lucked out with my little port glasses for $3.60! What did you do last weekend? Next weekend plans (other than the Superbowl of course!)??

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