Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bedroom Revisited...

So last week I shared my goal of creating a gray and purple themed bedroom and how to do this I need to have a gray duvet and pillows, etc. You don't need me to repeat it, you all read it :)

Well I showed this post to Tallman, and he saw my little drawing of the bedroom and said that I didn't have any perspective in my drawing. (Well the first thing he said was "Why is it pink?" But ya know paint has what colors it has and this was what it called lavender.)

So he proceeded to do his own rendition of our bedroom in paint. And folks, he did it better. Yes, my accomplishes my desired goal of showing what colors I want where, but his drawing CLEARLY accomplishes his desired goal of showing me up and proving he is a better/more skilled artist than me.
So without further ado, I'll show you his version of the bedroom....
AMAZING! He did the end tables, the lamps (what I want for lamps, not what we have) and a very very good rendition of the artwork on his wall. May I say that I am impressed!

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