Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meet the Parents Recap Part Deux

Saturday afternoon the clouds rolled in, so DD, KW and I went shopping. TallMan and his dad got the baby while the brother in law went to go to Myrtle to check a job site (the baby was alive when we returned, I'm guessing they watched college basketball while the baby wandered around playing with toys and talking to himself in his pretalkbabytalk, which is basically what he did the entire time he was there).

Shopping consisted of going to a couple of women's clothing/beach novelty shops that didn't have much I was interested in, except some very nice Lily Pulitzer stuff and a couple cute table accessories that I might've been interested in if I wasn't broke and living with my parents. DD and KW didn't find anything all that interesting either. But we wandered around and looked at stuff, which was kinda fun.

Then we went to a beach/knic-knac/christmas store. OMG was stuff tacky there. The christmas part was pretty overwhelming too. There was over 1000 square feet of fake trees and ornaments and stockings and lights and garland. Now I like christmas, its a nice holiday as holidays go. But I like a real tree and simple ornaments, or ornaments with meaning. The NC State tree was pretty darn tacky. If there was a way I could've taken a picture that would have done this place justice I would've. But it was sooooo intense, that no picture would've really made it clear how Christmasy it was.

I did learn while there that TallMan has/had terrible taste in ornaments (but that is from his mom and sister, so who knows), and that the gift TallMan got for his mom this year was something she stopped collecting years ago. (Clearly he needs me.)

Saturday night we went to The Sugar Shack. It is a Jamaican restaurant that looks like a dump, has a guitar player in a corner singing dirty songs, and has the most amazing ribs I've ever eaten. Ever. In my life. They fell off the bone with a fork, and the bone was clean. Oh sooooooo good. I wish I'd eaten there every day and night while down there. AMAZINGLY delicious. Apparently in the summer you need reservations weeks in advance to get in. Yum yum yum, I can see why.

Sunday the weather was cold and gray and periodically raining, so I decided it was the perfect time to start doing a puzzle. So I did. Sunday KW and family left, but not before buying a dvd player for the car so baby could watch Blue's Clues on the ride home (Blue for 4 hours is apparently waaaaay better than crying baby for 4 hours, which I can understand).

The rest of the weekend was puzzle, college basketball, and super duper mellow. To the point on Monday afternoon where TallMan and I finished the puzzle, I'd read my book, and we were all getting pretty antsy just sitting around. It was a really fun weekend, and it was nice to meet TallMan's family. They were really nice people and fun to be with. But it was a beach house and the weather wasn't great, so we got a little bored towards the end of it. Also, by Monday I think the pressure of stuff started to wear on us, even TallMan was cranky on Monday.

The weekend ended with TallMan and I waiting until 2:30am Tuesday morning for a plane at the Myrtle Beach airport (hence why I was fried Tuesday during the day, and even a little bit today). It was supposed to be a 10:30pm flight, but bad weather in Tampa delayed it and delayed it and delayed it. Naps were taken on the floor of the airport and on the plane. We didn't end up getting home until almost 5am on Tuesday, which after a long weekend of trying to impress parents was tough.

I'll give an update this afternoon of the beach house itself, and maybe later if I have the energy I'll tell you about the craziness that was waiting in the airport. (booze+cheerleaders+boredom=1am backflip competition).

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