Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meet the Parents Recap Part Trois

Finally, let me describe the TallMan's parents' beach house. First, like almost all the houses around there it is one story of the ground, up on stilts. The entrance is the basement and just has the stairs up, a room with a refrigerator in it, and the elevator. Yeah, they have an elevator. Then its two floors of actual house.

The first floor has an open layout kitchen and dinning room with a nook for a table seating 8+. That's the bottom two photos, the kitchen if I was standing behind the sofa, and the living room if I was standing on the balcony above the kitchen.

The top left picture is the house from the canal. The house is maybe 100 yards from the beach, and on a canal so you have water access from the house with out the super high cost of the beach and can put your boat right in. One morning there was sun and we sat out on the deck getting our vitamin D.

The top right picture is the room I stayed in. On the first floor their are two ensuite rooms, where TallMan and I stayed (separately, duh). On the second floor there is the master bedroom, a kids room and another bedroom. All with their own full bathrooms. Basically the house is huge and awesome and super beachy. Its also perfectly designed and decorated. There was yellow bedding in my room and matching yellow towels in that bathroom. Too cute!

I know its the south so everything is bigger, but the beach houses where I live aren't this big, really ever. I think a comparably nice house where I live would be over $2 mil, which is a little intimidating for a girl with out a job. It was a wonderful house to spend the weekend in, and I hope the next time I visit I can take advantage of the deck more, and the pool and the ocean.

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