Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Meet the Parents Recap Part Une

My visit to meet the TallMan's parents was from Thursday evening to Monday night at their beach house in North Carolina, just north of Myrtle Beach. Thursday was TallMan's Mom's (we'll call her DD) birthday, so we flew in and had a birthday dinner. I think she liked her birthday present of chocolate mice. For dessert we had a "Preston Pie" which is a chocolate cream pie from the golf club they belong to. Its a super rich and thick chocolate pie with a oreo cookie crust. It is apparently TallMan's favorite, and it was pretty tasty, but not something you could eat a lot of.

The weather the first two days was delightful, got off the plane and had to shed layers! Warm, sunny, mid to high 60's. On Friday TallMan and I went for a walk on the beach after breakfast and it was beautiful out. After lunch he took me on a tour of the island on a golf cart (or golf buggy as they call them) and it was a bit colder, no sun and windy. The island isn't very big and its mostly been built in the past 10 years with some condos built 30 years ago or so. I guess one family used to own the whole island, and now its become a crowded place. But it wasn't crowded this weekend, because its off season and it was pretty chilly, so it was nice and quiet.

Friday evening TallMan's sister (we'll call her KW), his brother in law and their son (the Baby) came down for a visit. I guess TallMan had wanted it to just been a meet the parents weekend, but when KW found out we'd be there she told DD that she would be really offended if she wasn't invited, so DD invited her. The brother in law used to be a chef, so he made shrimp and grits for dinner that night and it was super duper yummy. Its also a dish that TallMan raves about, so it was nice to finally have it.

Saturday morning was the last of the nice weather for the weekend, but it was really nice. The whole family went for a walk on the beach (in the opposite direction as TallMan and I had gone the previous day), KW and baby stayed behind after a little ways to play in the sand, and the rest of us walked quite a ways up the beach with the dog. It was so nice, the sun was at our backs and so warm. I even went into the water up to my knees! (They thought I was crazy, fair, on Monday I did have the sniffles.)

On our walk back from the beach the weather started to turn gray and chilly, and just got colder the rest of the weekend, until it got to be so cold on Monday that I was wearing two tshirts, two sweaters and was huddling in front of the gas fire!

Meeting the parents, and the sister and spending the weekend with a baby was pretty darn overwhelming. I know I was a little on edge the whole weekend, trying to make sure I didn't make a mistake or say something stupid. I also know that the brother in law got a lecture on the way down to the beach house about behaving, so I'm pretty sure everyone was a little on edge about their behavior. Its nice that they wanted to make a good impression, I know I did, and I appreciate that they wanted to impress me as well. I take that as a sign that they'd like to like me. However, it did mean that the weekend wasn't very relaxing, for me at least. (I'm pretty sure it was relaxing for the Tall Man, Friday he took a nap on the roof porch (snoring and all) and got a bit of a burn on his face. I wore sunscreen and did not get even a bit of a tan on my face. Hopefully I got some color on my legs though, because without my sunglasses on they were so pale it kinda hurt to look at them, blindingly white as they were.)

That's it for now, I'll fill you in on the house, and the rest of the weekend tomorrow!

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