Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dreaming about Beds...

I can't help dreaming about beds. I've already shared with you my plans for decorating a bedroom, complete with artistic and non-artistic renderings. I'm now leaning towards a solid gray bed with varying light and charcoal greys and the taupe (beige?) sheets, with a DIY upholstered bedframe in purple.

I've been wanting an upholstered headboard for a while. I think they look really awesome and a headboard is a crucial "grown up" bed feature (feel free to disagree).  I stumbled upon this awesome Ikea hack this weekend that I think is totally doable:

Step one: Buy cheap Ikea Bed Frame:
Rykene Bed Frame $130
Step Two: Buy Particle Board and Re-Inforcing wood, Cut out shape and attach (ok this is a long step)
Check it!
Step Three: attach Ikea Head Board to reinforced particle board.

Step Four, Cover front in batting to give fluffy lovely feel.
Step Five: Cover Headboard with fabric, securing in the back of the headboard with a staple gun.
(Potential step 6: Cover back in batting and fabric for unified look???)
Step 7: Cover Bed Frame around mattress with batting and fabric, and attach head board:
I bet that with the help of a lovely assistant I could do this in a day. A really fun and awesome day!
What do you think? Doable?

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  1. lovely assistant acquired - I am your interior designer after all ;)