Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Graduation Weekend Recap

I am officially in possession of a juris doctor. Which is the fancy name for a law degree. Its a little hard to believe that law school is over, mostly because I have to spend the next two months in the law school studying for the bar. But also because time has flown really quickly. We've been over this before so I'll leave it at that and tell you about my weekend.

Friday was Barristers Ball, basically Law Prom. Tallman and I got all dressed up and went and had a marvelous time. I didn't have boyfriends for either of my proms in high school, and Knowledge was the last person I slow danced with (what it was a women's college, totally normal), so it was fun to go to a dance and have a boyfriend as a date. It was also fun to see people's outfits. I wore the blue silk chiffon Sophia dress pictured below. But some people wore wedding dress type gowns, floor length numbers, others wore dresses too short for words. It was amusing.
What I wore to Barristers Ball
Saturday my cousin got her MBA and we went to her graduation and dinner with the family. It was fun, but we didn't get home until late, and Sunday we were up early the next morning, so Sunday my family was exhausted.

Sunday I graduated. The graduation started at 9:30am, and was done EARLY! Can you believe it? I can't. I've never been to a graduation that ended early. It was nice, a good way to close out the time I spent at law school, but it was long and boring and the commencement speakers didn't know their audience at all. They were a husband and wife team and they talked about how the students came from nothing and should be proud of how far they'd come from their parents. While my parents aren't lawyers, a lot of my fellow student's parents are, and I don't know anyone in my graduating class whose parents didn't go to college like the commencement speakers kept saying. It was a little like the speakers were insulting their audience. Very odd. The student speaker was the highlight of the event. She knew her audience, and spoke to our experiences and our future. She was funny and thoughtful and I hope she understands that she was the best part of the graduation.

But really you don't care about the event. You want to know what I wore. Especially after all the Kate Spade dress drama, wait did I tell you that I bought it, debated for a month and then returned it the last possible day? No. Well I did. Mom thought it looked like a table cloth and ultimately it was too much money to spend on a dress I ended up only feeling eh about.
Graduation Dress
Instead I bought this dress from Jcrew. It has pockets and is a silhouette I already own, I actually didn't even try it on until the day of graduation, luckily it fit and looked amazing! You can't really tell from the picture, but it has a darker green stripe to it, its really very pretty.
I haven't seen any of the pictures from the event yet, but I'm really more excited about the giant diploma sitting on my mantelpiece right now. YAY!

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