Monday, February 13, 2012

Shoes... a spring wants list

I can't really afford to be buying new shoes right now, but I've been wearing my bean boots every day for the past two months and I've got to tell you that while I love them, I'm getting a little bored.

So I'll share with you my want list for this spring, after I have some more money in my bank, after I move all my things (I don't want to add stuff just to have to move it)
Nike Free 3.0 v3
I don't run, but maybe I would if I had these shoes? They're so bright :)  I like the description on the web page "Barefoot like freedom, Shoe like support" Is that possible? I want it.
Gap Wedge Pump
 I love these, Tallman thinks they're tacky. Tallman can shut up because look at what the Duchess of Cambridge is wearing in this photo!
From pinterest
Are they the exact same? No... But they're pretty darn close! I want them. I must have them.
Cole Haan Air Talia Wedge
 This photo doesn't do the shoes justice. I have a similar pair in black patent leather that I wear nearly every day at work. I want this pair for summer, a little lighter but just as professional, put together, and COMFY!

Then there are sandals... I don't want flip flops, though they do in a pinch... ideally something that slips on but stays on... any suggestions for me to oggle while I dream of spring?

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