Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Oh my goodness why have I not shared this yet?
Last week I found out that I passed the bar! That means that the insane studying I did and the crazy girlfriend that Tallman put up with were worth it! I cannot express how happy I am to have passed.

My parents are pretty happy too, so happy they took Tallman and I out for a very very fancy dinner at L'Espalier, a very very fancy restaurant in Boston.
Its the sort of place where your food looks like that and you taste it and are blown away by delicious. Though I must admit the pretzel rolls were pretty darn good and there was no hiding the ball there, which is what I love about L'espalier, some of it is haut and confusing, some of it is haut and solid good food.

Anywhooo, so I passed the bar, in a few weeks I get sworn in and then I am officially an attorney and I can do all the things attorneys can do. Unfortunately my current job is as a paralegal and they aren't putting me on their malpractice insurance. Oh well, my plan of learning as much as possible at this job is going great! and I'll do a post updating you on the job soon, I promise...

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