Friday, November 4, 2011

Last Weekend's Snow Storm

This week was thrown out of sync (so was my back btw) by last weekend's snow storm. It was fun at first, my parents were up in Vermont for work, so Tallman kept me and the cats company at my parents house. We made dinner had a fire in the fire place and watched the snow fall, the lights flicker, and listened to the sounds of howling wind and crashing around us.

When we woke up the house had no power and it was COLD. Tallman slept poorly (tiny bed +cats) so I let him sleep a bit while I investigated. I wrapped myself up in two pairs of pants, a puffy jacket, gloves and a hat that tied under the chin (no pictures, thank god) and went out to inspect the damage (I figured there had to be some, we had no power after all).

Well good news: this was the closest anything came to the house-
And this was the only property damage-
Bad news: the drive way needed to be shoveled to prevent it turning into a solid block of ice full of sticks and leaves (and the car keeps getting flat tires so I didn't think driving over it would be a good idea) and this needed to be moved:
Yeah. Pretty. Ugh. Not. So I went and woke up Tallman, and we proceeded to start shoveling, sawing, and clearing the drive way. In the process I destroyed my already sore back, I burned 700 calories (according to my iPhone), and Tallman continues to hate the Northeast.

But it all turned out ok, the power was restored Monday night and happiness was restored at about the same time.

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