Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Anthropologie Butter Dishes

I know, this is a very specific post. Oddly specific. Its ok. No one is offended, right? Good.

So we all know how I like homemade butter. (Especially Tallman's roommate, who I once woke up at 9am on a Saturday with the very loud blender whilst making butter.) Its something that when I have my own apartment there will always be some homemade butter in the fridge, possibly flavored with local honey from this place. But something so special needs its own home. A special butter needs a special dish.
I like going into Anthropologie and gazing/fondling their home goods and dreaming about my future kitchen. Imagine that you and I are shopping together in Anthropologie for the rest of this blog post...
Wallpaper Butter Dish
This one would need me to mold my own butter and into rounds, so I'd need a separate mold for that, and it would need to fit in the dish... but damn, I DO like this dish. Its green (so it would match the rest of my kitchen stuff), but it has a fun antique-y pattern that would keep it looking interesting.
Tea and Toast Butter Dish
 I like the simplicity of this butter dish, but it too would need to have the butter molded separately. But it comes in green, and its cute as a button.

Pembroke Butter Dish
This butter dish is sort of plain because it is white, but the fact that it is sort of cup shaped means that I wouldn't have to mold my own butter, I could just put it in the cup, cover it and go. I like this, but it is sort of boring. Too bad it doesn't come in green.

Well those are my thoughts, do you use a butter dish? Do you like the one you use? Do tell me.

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