Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fish and Eddies Butter Dishes

Am I just writing posts about butter dishes this week? You wish!
But seriously, Fish and Eddies has some butter dishes that take all the fuss out of the equation. That means they aren't as artsy, or pretty, but they are functional as anything.
Butter Dish with Dome Round
This one doesn't hold much butter, but it has sides on the bottom part which would be a good mold, and the glass aspect is clean, easily washable, and pretty.
Butterdish Cow Glass
Simple, a little boring, except there is a cow on it! Perfect!
Butter Tub Jadeite
I had to include this one, because its green. But since I'm pretty sure its just a 4inch little tub, I think it would be better suited to storing homemade mayonnaise and not butter.

Ok, I'll cool it with the butter dish window shopping for a while.

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