Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Keep Calm and...

I really liked the "Keep Calm and BLANK On" stuff at first. But then it was everything, everywhere, and it got annoying. Then it got so pervasive this summer that I didn't know if something was referencing it or not. I started to tune it out.
But lets be real. I like love England. I enjoy WWII era books, movies, clothes, music. Chances are good that if this Keep Calm and Carry On thing hadn't become the most pervasive home decor meme ever this summer I'd have bought something with it on it.

Cocktail Napkins
But it did, and so now the only thing I can see getting would be these cocktail napkins. I like them because they clearly reference the original slogan, they have the right font, they have the crown, and only one word is changed. That one word isn't sarcastic or in anyway related to vampires, but is well suited on the item and the original sentiment.

I like these napkins, and were I to ever have a party, in an apartment, that was my own, I might purchase them.

Did anyone else get tired of the Keep Calm...etc thing this summer? Is it wrong to blame the Duchess of Cambridge? Does anyone else love England as much as I do?

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