Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Butter, butter, butter, YUM! part deux

Guys/Gals, I did it. I made butter.
Last weekend I accomplished my month long dream of making butter. And it was SOOOOOO simple.
Do you have a blender? If yes, then you can make butter.

I had a cup of heavy cream left over Saturday morning from the strawberries and whipped cream Tallman and I had had for dessert Friday night, so I went upstairs before showering and set out the cream (it needs to be at room temperature for this to work). After showering (approximately 1/2 and hour) I went up stairs and put the cream in the blender. Turned the blender on (it only had one setting, and was SUPER loud, woke the neighbors I'm pretty sure, but it was 10:30am so that's ok) and waited. Design Sponge says that it'll go through phases, and yes it did (one of those phases was a whipped consistency that tasted like clotted cream and was heavenly). I waited for the mixture to separate, which it did in about 5 minutes, and took out the butter, and left in the milky substance.
Then I strained the butter, but there wasn't much liquid there, so I ended up wrapping it in a towel for a minute or two to see if much liquid was soaked up, a bit was, but I wasn't concerned so I moved on to the next step which was putting the butter in a bowl and running cold water over it until the water stopped being milky. I found that the butter didn't like direct tap water on it, but this step happened pretty quickly and I moved on to putting it on some more paper towels and pushing the butter lump around with a spatula to squeeze out liquid. This worked marvelous-ly and then it was butter and ready to be eaten.
Homemade butter, YUM!
The plan, as you may remember, was to make biscuits with the buttermilk liquid that separates when you make the butter. Well I did that too! and a few minutes later I was eating home made butter on buttermilk biscuits.
Time wise it took 15 minutes start to finish on the butter, and another 20 for the biscuits. This is a completely reasonable weekend breakfast that you will find so amazingly satisfying you will become giggly with delight. Don't say I didn't warn you.

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