Monday, October 3, 2011

Viking River Cruises

While I was watching Masterpiece Theater this morning there was an advertisement for Viking River cruises. I don't usually follow up ad's I see on the internet, but there was something about this one, so I went to their website.
Guys, I don't like cruises, I think they're stupid, boring, and I get sea sick. But these look amazing.
They have names like "Cities of Light River Cruise" on which you travel from Paris to Prague making stops in small German towns and the potential excursions they have lined up are to small vineyards for wine tastings. Sigh. Doesn't that sound awful awesome?

Another awesome sounding cruise is "Portraits of Southern France" which takes you from Paris along the rivers of Southern France, hitting Lyon, Arles, Avignon, and drinking a lot of wine.

Yes the cruises are expensive. Yes there are a lot of guided tours. And yes, all the pictures are of white haired couples. But it doesn't sound like a terrible way to see a new part of Europe, or Eastern Europe, or Asia (they go all over).
I like the idea of the Asian ones, then you'd have a definite home base(the ship), someone with you to translate and show you interesting sights, navigating the interesting diplomatic waters of China. But the ones to Asia are less boat-centric, and more expensive.

Anywhoo, if you're bored at work today, or your parents are travel idiots and are planning a vacation, or you want a honeymoon where you can just relax and not have to plan a damn thing (doesn't sound terrible) while seeing interesting stuff, I'd go check out Viking River Cruises.

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