Monday, October 3, 2011

Book Review: My Life From Scratch

Remember how I wanted to make fondant pinwheels, and then remember how I couldn't because I don't own this cookbook? Well the author of the cookbook wrote a book, and I read it. The book is called My Life From Scratch and its part memoir part recipe book.

Turns out this woman is Sandra Bullocks younger sister. Huh. Neat. It gives the book another dimension to it, like you know the author a little, but of course you don't, you just read the headlines of People in the grocery store.

Basically the book is about how she worked in Hollywood and hated it, so she moved to Vermont and started a bakery. But its also about her mom and food and good ingredients.

There are a few recipes in this book that I'm going to write down, and a few I'm going to pass on (my recipe for apple pie is better, so is my scone approach). It is a really slim book, and I read it in an afternoon last week. I'd recommend it if you want to read a light, speedy book about baking, happiness, and tangentially famous people.

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