Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jcrew Shoes Update

Langford Leather High Heeled Oxfords
I was about to do a post on some shoes until I went back and saw that I didn't tell you the amazing news! Remember this post about the various jcrew shoes I wanted? Go refresh yourself. Ok, well I bought one of the pairs I mentioned in that post over a month ago. I think it might've been bar studying induced impulse shopping. But c'est la vie. They were on sale and I bought them. (They're still on sale, but no extra 30% and only in limited sizes.) I bought them seriously out of season, so they're waiting to be worn. But I love them. I put them on as soon as I got them and wandered around Tallman's house and they're awesome. Very sexy librarian, and very high heels. Mission Accomplished.

I also, in that post, wrote about the Merkato Wedges (which are now on sale for $89, so go get them while you can). Since then I've decided I'm not wild about them, that I like my strappy gladiator sandals to be flat. When I saw this polyvore post (which will be spawning a whole other blog post), I fell a little in love with the Reese Back Zip Gladiator Sandal, which is so sadly no longer in stock. They're sooooo cute, I really hope they come back next year.
From Pinterest... not Jcrew :(
In the mean time, you might want to browse the Jcrew Sale Section for great shoes, they have a lot of sandals, boots, heels, flats, really just a great selection. Go now before all the normal sizes are taken!
I want to remind you yet again that JCrew does not pay me for these posts (I wish they did) but I did once work for JCrew, mostly out of love for the clothes.

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