Thursday, June 2, 2011

I want a pair: Jcrew Shoes

I love Jcrew. Most of my clothes come from there, sad but true. I've also worked at Jcrew twice for various stints in earning pocket money, though full disclosure I'm not working for them now. Though lately their designs been more ostentatious than I'd like. Thus, I've been sticking to their basics, but they're always my first stop if I'm in need of new clothes, shoes, or am bored.
Right now my Jcrew wishlist consists of shoes, shoes and more shoes.
Merkato Mid Heel Wedge
Despite recent foot pain because of wedges I want these super summery shoes.
Classic Leather Ballet Flats
I want these ballet flats, because they are basic and seem like they wouldn't dig in to my feet and cause blisters, also the COLORS ARE AWESOME.
Langford Leather High Heeled Oxfords
 In case you hadn't realized, I'm a huge fan of the sexy librarian look. Maybe that's the reason I love these shoes. They're currently on sale, but still way to expensive to justify, especially since I wouldn't be able to wear them until fall.
Those are my shoe crushes at Jcrew right now, go over an check them out, they've got a lot of stylized trendy stuff (that I don't like) but like these ones they've also got many basic shoes that are leather and will hold up and look cute too.

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