Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Job Search Update

Last week I received some excellent job search advice from my dear friend Al's father, while visiting them on Cape Cod. One part that made me smack my forehead in a "why haven't I thought of this before"/"already acted on this" was that I should be in the court practicing and getting experience. Duh. Of course I should.
I volunteered/interned with a program that helped pro se tenants and landlords at housing court in 2010, and the organization that sponsors that program has many such programs that I can help with. They have one that does probate and family work, which is more in my interest area than housing court (though I did learn a lot there and had a blast with the attorneys I met through that program).
That's why, Monday morning, first thing after my tea I contacted a few people at the organization and by noon on Monday I was scheduled to start helping after a training day at the end of August.

Sure, this is unpaid, sure its not strictly trust and estates (there will be a lot of guardianship stuff). But its an important step. Especially since now, when I get real interviews for real jobs I can say "I've been volunteering at probate court" instead of "I've been sitting on my butt working my way through the library and hulu".

The job hunt continues, but I do feel some sense of relief.

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