Thursday, August 18, 2011

Making the Seasonal Transition

Think/Scroll back to this morning's blog post about Jcrew Shoes. Remember how I said that I was on polyvore and had another blog post about these sandals in mind. Well this is that blog post.
Reese Back Zip Sandals
I like these sandals, that are now out of stock at JCrew. What I love even more are all the posts on Polyvore showing how to use them in outfits. I love them because together they show how to make a smooth transition in your wardrobe from summer to fall, while remaining comfortable. Here, lets go on a photo journey.

Madras Shorts

Reese Witherspoon

These styles all would be good for summer days or warm summer nights. I like the play of comfort and dressy making the outfits so universal.


The white jeans make this outfit so summery and crisp.


Bermudas by tjmcd featuring a boho belt
The cashmere sweatshirt with the shorts makes me picture the cooling nights of summer turning into fall.


Cool Spring


Heather Agate


I love these final outfits the way the tops are warm and cozy but still allow the feet to be in summer mode. Also, love the way these series of outfits use accessories and color to make similar outfits seem more and less dressy.
Hope you enjoyed this journey from summer to fall. I did.

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