Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Secretary Desk

As much as I love Secretary Desks, I have no where in my current home to put one, and I have no idea if I'd actually use one in a future home, I'm not much of a sit at a desk (other than for 9 hours a day at work) kind of person.

But from looking at pictures on pinterest, Houzz and other fun places, I think I would want a secretary desk near a table, so I wouldn't actually have to sit at the secretary desk (which seems silly).
From Pinterest
But this would allow one to store their bills, letters, etc in the secretary desk and then take them out for Saturday morning bill paying.
From Pinterst
One of the things I like about this idea, is that you can pull a dining room table over to your secretary desk and work on things there if you wanted. Just a smart idea! (also who loves this breakfast nook, I do!)
Then there is a desk in the entry way, which also works for drop off of bills and letters etc because its right as you enter the house. Everything should have a place, if not then how do you put things away-- right?
From Pinterest
But then this placement is lovely too:
Clearly I'll have to keep thinking about it, and maybe the next place I live there will be space for one. Or maybe I could rearrange my entire current house just to have a place for a secretary desk :)

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