Monday, October 22, 2012

Fun with Spray Paint

I've been pretty slack on updating and playing with my house lately, but over my birthday weekend I finally updated a candelabra I'd bought a couple years ago with spray paint in mind.

I forgot to take a before picture, duh, but I googled and silver plated candelabra's are everywhere. I got mine for $30 at an Antique sale in Boston. I probably overpaid given the fact that the silver plating was flaking off, one of the arms was a brassy color, not even silver anymore and it was very very loose.
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After tightening its arms, chipping off all the wax, and giving it a rough scrub and dry to get the flakes off it, I took a can of white spray paint to it. Just Rustolem Primer. But it took 5 coats to be completely white! I was really surprised at how many coats of primer it took to cover up the silver, especially where it was tarnished. And all the nooks and crannys of the the candelabra meant I had to do a couple upside down coats just to be sure.
But like Sherry says, I did light and even coats and had no drips, and quick drying.

Then I lived with white for a week, and the morning before a party I sprayed it again, but with blue!
This picture is awful, but Sage would not leave me alone, as you can tell from her tail in the corner of the picture. In person its much darker and a little less shiny. This took 3 coats, I stopped because I wanted it to not be almost black, but if I had continued there wouldn't be speckled almost white patches under the candle holders (you can't see them in this picture, those white things are just glare from the camera flash) (honestly, this picture is the best of a bunch, Sage was being a crazy).

I'm in love with my blue candelabra. Its so much prettier than when it was silver!

Also I'm in love with spray paint, I'm thinking of giving the lamps in our bedroom an updated white look :) Tallman is totally ok with it... I think....

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