Monday, October 29, 2012

This is the story of the hurricane...

Up here in Boston we don't get many hurricanes, and after our extremely mild winter last year I think we're a little unprepared for weather in general, but like True New Englanders we are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. (I put it out there now: it will rain, there will be wind, but we will go to work and school and continue, just a little wetter than usual). But that said, I did fill up a pitcher of water and put it in my fridge just in case the storm causes the power to go out somewhere that effects my ability to drink water. (Also, my mom told me to, and sometimes its best to just do what your mother says and to not argue.)

Hurricanes are a little romantic though (unless you die in one). Think Key Largo or storm induced spikes in fertility rates. Also, if the lights go out and you are forced to read by candle light and forgo video games and netflix and the internet.

And just think of the lanterns and lighting options:
Hurricane Oil Lamp
Hurricane Lantern
I have some pretty awesome childhood memories of storms where we lost power and I learned how to play cards with my parents by the light of candles and sometimes a propane lantern.

So if you're on the east coast and getting hit by a hurricane, I hope you're having fun and staying safe. Don't light your gas stove without matches handy, and don't cause a house fire with your candles. Also, don't get hit by a tree :)

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