Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sofa Search

You may recall that back in April Tallman and I bought a new mattress. We bought it at Jordan's Furniture, and they were having a promotion at the time, that for anything bought during a certain period, if the RedSox hit a Jordan's Furniture baseball on a sign at Fenway then you got your purchase for free (it used to be swept the world series, but then they did that and it wasn't great for Jordans). Well the RedSox haven't hit it yet. And they probably won't. BUT to sweeten the deal back in April Jordan's said that even if they didn't hit it, after the post season customer's will be mailed a coupon for 30% of the cost of their purchase.

FANTASTIC. So free or $$$ to be spent in October!?! Great!

We bought our mattress and  decided to wait until October to buy a new couch... Also Sage kitten had some peeing problems last year and we wanted to give her some time to recover before making a major furniture investment.

Poor Sage.

But October is now rapidly approaching, so its time to start considering the sofa options. Ideally it would be long enough for Tallman to lie down on, but since he is 76inches and our current sofa is only 65 inches (80ish with the arms) its not a prerequisite for happiness.
These are the sofa's I'm thinking of, without Tallman input, (in the end it will, of course be a mutual choice):
Leather Sofa
Cloth Sofa not separate back cushions
Cloth Sofa back cushions
Clearly I like a look free of skirts, and with minimal arm rests. I have been told that most Jordan's couches can be apholstered in a bunch of different fabrics, so that is a whole other bridge to cross once we pick the couch. (I'm thinking a grey beige.) We already have leather chairs in the living room, so a leather couch might just be too much... but we'll see what is the most comfortable option when we sit there :)

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