Friday, September 14, 2012

Wrapping up in a robe

Pretty cozy lounge wear is tricky. You want it to be comfortable, but usually you also want it to be a little sexy. Holes are ok, as long as its a pattern in lace, and not in your sweatpants-- sort of thing.

For truly cold days I have a cashmere bathrobe that is heavenly and even though its from an ex I wouldn't get rid of it without a replacement already in my possession. If you live anywhere where it gets chilly, I highly recommend a cashmere robe.

But for those other times, when you just need to cover up and look cute, a silk or cotton robe comes in handy.
I haven't had a cotton robe since I was in high school, and I remember it being quite ratty and not very practical.
White Cotton Robe
This robe looks like the very definition of practical, if you're wearing nothing underneath it would be very sexy, if you're wearing some pj's that are too skimpy for open blinds on the first floor this would cover you up, but if you spilled maple syrup on it at breakfast it would be totally washable.
Lady Godiva Robe
This robe from Eberjey is even more practical, since its cheaper, and comes in other colors. Though it says its not machine washable :(
Kimono Style Silk Robe
Now as you might've guessed from my love of the cashmere robe, I like soft comfy things, and screw practical, if I can be luxuriously comfortable! And that is where silk comes into play :)
Victoria's Secret Kimono
Or fake silk
Bella Bella Silk Robe
or heinously expensive silk.

What do you wear for a robe? Silk? Cotton? Cashmere? Jersey? Nothing ;)

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