Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Little Hen Linens

One of the gift's Tallman's mom brought us/me were these really awesome napkins. Yeah yeah whats so great about cloth napkins except that they make every dinner classier and also are good for the environment, and my white jeans.
Hen House Linens
They are from Little Hen Linens, and she says that they don't need ironing! Which is nice because I don't iron my napkins anyway :p

For a Table Cloth or Placemats? Hen House Linens
I think I'll be grabbing a few more of these napkins and maybe a tablecloth or two?
For a Tablecloth? Hen House Linens!

 I like the silver one for a more fancy table setting and the blue for a laid back option. 

The patterns are very preppy and a little southern, but the material is solid and I think I'll be adding to my table linens with this company...

You should go check them out and decide that you too need more cloth napkins! 

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